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How to be Sexually Attractive to your Man Again

Oh, don’t we all love the honeymoon phase in a relationship. It’s carefree, fun and full of sex. It’s when that ends when we start to realize that the moves we were once doing no longer works. Although sparks may disappear in a relationship after some time, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to rekindle it again. It just takes a little work.

One way to rekindle your relationship is to become sexually attractive to your man all over again. Remember the times when he’d want to fuck your brains out all the time? Whenever and where ever? That can happen again. Wanting to be more sexually attractive to your man is already a step into rekindling your relationship.

How to be Sexually Attractive to Your Man Again

1.Talk about your personal goals: When you’ve been in your relationship long enough you become comfortable with silence. Fill that silence up with talking about your personal goals. Your goals have probably changed since you guys started dating so give him an update! Knowing that you’re still working on yourself in this partnership is an attractive trait.

2. Be sexually spontaneous: Remember all the crazy sex moves you tried in the beginning of the relationship? Continue to research and look for new moves to try. Maybe even gift him Position of the Day: Sex Everyday in Every Way. He’ll appreciate the effort that you want to do something sexy together.

Another tip to being sexually spontaneous is by sucking his dick when he least expects it. It could be while he’s watching television, getting dressed for work, or even while he’s cooking. Just don’t do it while he’s frying anything. Hell, even throw your titties in his face every now and then. Who can get mad at that?

3. Don’t wait for him: Taking initiative is sexy! If there is something you want to do, don’t wait and expect that he’ll do it, just do it. For example, if you want to have sex, make the move first. Or if it’s something he likes to do when he gets home, have that already ready for him. The fact that he doesn’t have to ask you to do something is attractive.

4. Remind him how sexy he is: Men don’t want to say it but they love being told how sexy they are. You always hear that it is a woman’s thing but trust me it’s a man thing too. It doesn’t take much to caress your man’s body and tell him what you love about it. It could be the thing he needs to get back into the sexy mood.

5. Walk around in something sexy: Maybe you guys got so comfortable with each other that you’re both more comfortable in sweats and with your hair in a bun. Switch it up by putting a little more effort into your makeup and walk around in lingerie. Show him what he’s missing!

6. Accept him for who he is: No one is perfect. There is always going to be someone out there who gets on your nerves. But if you love someone, the best thing to do is practice acceptance. Accept that you can’t change them. ” Either way, you accept the reality of the other person. You may not like it, you may not prefer it, you may feel sad or angry about it, but at a deeper level, you are at peace with it. That alone is a blessing. And sometimes, your shift to acceptance can help things get better.” says Rick Hanson, PHD on Pyschologytoday.com . By accepting your partner for who they are, you’ll be less likely to point out what you don’t approve of them which eventually can make you sexually attractive again!

7. Send him a naughty text: I bet your man forgot how sexy you are so send him a random naughty text to remind him. Try to do it when he’s at work so that he looks forward to something when he comes home. Run into the bathroom and maybe bend over and show him where his big dick of his is going to go later.

Or if you guys are in the same room, send him a text to have him blush in public.


How to be sexually attractive to your man again

8. Be yourself: Sometimes in a relationship we get caught up on loving each other too much that we forget to be ourselves. Change your mindset to starting all over again. Pretend you’re meeting each other again for the first time and you’re trying to show him all of you on the first date. Flirt like you used to flirt. He’ll be reminded all over again why he fell in love with you to begin with.

9. Confidence: Be confident! No one likes a person who is insecure and feels they can’t hold their own. Any chance you get to be confident, do it! There is truth to confidence is key! Check out my post on Ways to boost your Confidence before sex!

As you can see, it’s possible to reignite that spark in your relationship. It just takes a little effort. If you think about it too much, you’ll never do it. So, just have fun with it. Remember, it’s usually the small things that count the most!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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How to Make Missionary Sex more Exciting

If missionary position was an actual person, I’d feel bad for them because of their bad reputation. No one thinks freaky, sexy when it comes to missionary, they think boring, lazy and vanilla. I have a feeling most people feel this way about missionary because they’ve had a bad experience where they felt the person fucking them was the only one enjoying the moment.

It’s especially easy to feel that way when you feel you have no control in the position. I understand because I’ve been in that situation before. I’m a tiny person and my type is 6 foot and up and built so you can imagine how small I can feel. It wasn’t until I switched the role where I was in control even if I was on the bottom that made me start to like missionary.

Since I started taking control of my sex life, I refuse to not orgasm. I believe that if my partner is going to cum, I’m going to cum, too. Of course, there are instances where I just want my partner to cum because his pleasure matters to me but for the most part, I am going to have an orgasm regardless. So because of that mindset I set for myself, I had to make missionary position work for me.

I’m happy to say while missionary position isn’t my favorite position, it’s not my least favorite. I actually think I have some bomb ass missionary sex. There are times where I’m even shocked by how many times I’ve cum in that position.

So here I am, Theresa, about to put missionary sex back on the map!

When I talk about missionary sex, missionary position, I’m talking about a person on the bottom while someone is on top penetrating them. Typically a man on top of a woman but it’s 2022 that can be anyone now.

Missionary position is one of the most underrated position as we forget the benefits of it. We forget that it’s a great starter position for any sex activity, it’s an intimate position, and it’s less effort for days you’re not trying to have a full on fuck session.

How to make missionary sex more exciting

Add sex toys – adding sex toys to any sex position always makes it more exciting including missionary. Grab your favorite vibrator and use it on your clit while he’s in you. Your orgasm will be so strong you’ll forget you hate the missionary position. Not only will you be satisfied but your partner will love watching you close up while you are orgasming on his dick. Check out my post on sex toys for beginners.

If using a vibrator is uncomfortable to use while in the missionary position, try using a butt plug to wake up the nerves in your bootyhole.

Switch up the Angles – When I’m on the bottom, I get in angles that work for me. Which means I get in positions that are either rubbing against my clit or I get in a position where his dick can get in deeper.

If you’re looking for more of a clit stimulation, try holding on to his booty while you grind your pelvic on his. Adjust yourself so that your clit is rubbing against him. Imagine dancehall music in the background and you’re trying to grind on him until he cums. Holding on to his booty will help you have more control with the movement so that you can determine how you want your clit to be rubbed. I like to think of it as me fucking him instead of him fucking me.

To get in a deeper angle, I like to get in the happy baby yoga stretch position. While he’s in you, bend your knees and grab the outside of your feet. Then, flex your feet up into your hands while spreading your knees apart. I find that in this position not only am I getting a deeper penetration which stimulates my G-spot more but it also makes keegling on his dick easier. The harder I flex my feet into my hands, the harder my keegle is on his dick.

Try other angles especially if you’re flexible. Take advantage of those yoga stretches you know and bring them to bed. If you can bring your legs behind your head, do that. Your partner will be impressed by your moves.

Make out more- Since you’re already in this intimate position might as well make it more interesting by making out more in between. The next time you’re in missionary, try making out passionately by using your entire body. Grab on to his head, his butt, and touch his entire body while you tongue each other down. I find making out more in between builds the moment up.  Also, don’t forget to kiss on each other’s necks!

Talk dirty to each other – Feedback and communication is always sexy in any position. If you like something that your partner is doing, make sure to let them know so that they continue to do what you like. You can also use this opportunity to communicate what you don’t like so you don’t feel like you’re stuck down there. Check out my post on dirty talk to help you come up with things to say during sex

Just let go- I find when I’m in the missionary position and I let go and focus on every thrust instead of how much I don’t like the position, I have a much more satisfying time. Next time, allow yourself to be free by letting whatever noise comes out of you and by moving the way your body wants to move. Don’t force anything and just let it happen.

Touch yourself- If you don’t have toys, you can always take it back to the old school way and use your hands! While you’re on the bottom, you can make it worth your time by touching your erogenous zones like your nipples, your neck, and your ears. Touch yourself the way you’d want to be touched since you know best what turns you on. If you don’t, that means you need to masturbate more. Check out my tips on masturbating!

Play with your partner’s butt: If you have access to his booty, play with it! Men secretly love when you worship their body too.

You see, missionary sex can be fun and exciting! You just need to change your mindset on it and know that you can be in control too.

Do you have any tips on how to make missionary sex more exciting? Comment below!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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How To get Ready for Sex in less than 15 Minutes

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re chillin at home with your bun up, in sweatpants and you’re still in the underwear you had on from last night then you get a sexy text from the person you’re fucking. Or, you’re at a bar and you meet someone at happy hour and they’re making you drip and they want to take you home. Whether it’s your fuck buddy, your boyfriend or someone you just met and they’re telling you they want to eat your pussy so good and they’re on their way while you’re in this predicament, you need to prepare quick!

Luckily my hoe days have prepared me for any situation where I only have at most 15 minutes to get ready. You don’t need to shower, you don’t need to go to the salon, you just need a couple of things that I bet you already have in your makeup bag. If not, a simple target run can fix that.

So you get the “I’m on my way” text. Don’t panic, just head to the bathroom. Everything you need is in there.

Wash your punani

If a shower is not possible, get yourself a washcloth and wet it with warm water and soap. Make sure to ring out all the soap from the washcloth so that it doesn’t mess with your PH balance.

Give your punani a good wash. Get in the folds of your labia and don’t forget to get in the fold of your clit to clean the smega out. Smega”Smegma is a combination of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. “ It’s basically the equivalence to what collects under an uncircumcised dick. I know the word sounds gross but hey, we have it and we need to clean it. To clean this, just lift the hood of your clit and rub your clit gently.

Your booty is important too! Get in that bootyhole.

If you don’t have a washcloth use wipes! You can always carry this in your purse for emergencies. They work just as good.

Also, don’t forget to wear perfume!

Use powdered/cream makeup

When you’re in a rush, a full makeup beat is not possible and also not necessary. You’re mostly likely going to get your brains blown out with good dick and trust me, your highlight and contour won’t matter. And let’s be real, the makeup is not for the man. If anything, they could care less how you look as long as your pussy is working. But because we as women want to look “put together,” you can still do that with light and easy makeup.

I suggest using powder or cream makeup since they’re the easiest to apply.

I love using Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Face Powder by MAC with a big fluffy brush. Using a fluffy brush will give you a translucent to light coverage which is all you need to looking fresh.


Photo from Sephora


Using the same brush from your foundation, sweep on blush on your cheeks. I use ORGASM from NARS which is universally beautiful on everyone. I love this blush since it already has sparkles which is basically a blush and highlighter at one! 2 in 1s are helpful in these situations.

Photo from Sephora



I love keeping this in my bag just incase I forget the rest of my makeup. It’s a Lip and Cheek stick so give it a swipe wherever you need it and then you’re done.

Photo from Ulta



This is a must have!!! I don’t leave the house without this. This is the final step to everything. Spray this on your face after your apply your makeup and watch your makeup become skin. It’s like water for your skin!

Even if you don’t put makeup on and you apply this alone, you’re face will thank you!

Photo from Ulta




If your fuck buddy caught you at a time with “dirty hair” because you were waiting for next week to wash your hair, don’t worry, dry shampoo to the rescue! Dry shampoo can do wonders for your hair. There are times where I’m even surprised how good my hair turns out. It’s like when I think I have no more hairstyles, dry shampoo does something different.

Dry shampoo absorbs the dirt, oil and grease from your hair without washing it.

I use this from Bumble and bumle.

I love putting this in my hair even if it’s just a bun. It’ll make a messy bun look intentional.


Once you’ve got the appearance all set, it’s time to stretch and get your body ready. Before getting dressed, do some stretches. Just like you should warm up for a workout, it doesn’t hurt to warm up before fucking! I love doing poses that open up my hips and hamstrings. Some of my favorite poses to get into are sleeping pigeon, butterfly pose, lunge to an easy twist, lizard, downward dog , cat and cow.

Have fun

Remember, have fun! Appearance isn’t everything but it is proven when we feel good we perform better. So do what you have to do to get your sexy on! :*

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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How to Be Less Controlling

I’ve been in a real ass relationship for almost over a year now. This is new territory for me as before this relationship, I was having frequent casual sex with whomever and whenever I wanted. It was a fun time and I would never regret it but, I’d rather much be in the position I am now. Sorry not sorry.

I get good dick whenever I want, I don’t have to lie about my partners head being good, I don’t have to fake my orgasms (we’ll communicate instead) , we equally can’t get our hands off each other, and the best part is, degrading sex doesn’t feel so shameful.

When you’re in a new relationship, especially a spiritual relationship, you not only end up learning a lot about your partner, but you also end up learning a lot about yourself. It isn’t an easy path but if you want to move forward in life or embrace your sexual journey, you’re eventually going to have to confront your fears. Fears include jealousy, insecurity, lack of confidence, anger, blaming, judging, etc.

It could be that we first experienced these at a young age and we are now over exaggerating the situation by bringing it into our present life.

It’s not our fault that we experience these fears. It could be that we first experienced these at a young age and we are now over exaggerating the situation by bringing it into our present life. It’s up to us to be aware when these fears are triggered so that it can be easier for us to deal with them. Our future us will thank us.

I value growth. I feel that we as humans never stop growing even if you’re in your 50s. There is always something new to learn about yourself and others. To me, growing means to be able to live life without fears or at least to be able to combat your fears as soon as they arise. I don’t believe people are meant to stay in a negative state for so long.

I want to share a story about a time when I discovered I was being too controlling. I think a lot of us experience anger and pain because we have a problem with control. I never thought I was a controlling person. If anything, I knew controlling people and I didn’t think I was like them at all. It was not until I started talking to my therapist about my problems with jealousy and being angry which we concluded that is was all due to CONTROL.


It was the day right before my flight to New York. I woke up feeling great that morning because it was a Friday which meant when my boyfriend came back home from work, it was officially the weekend!

As I lay in bed awake first, I started to think about how I wanted the day to be like. He had been doing a lot for me the past couple of weeks and I wanted to return the favor. I decided that I wanted that Friday to be all about him. We’ll watch porn because I know he likes that, I’ll make chocolate covered strawberries for a sexy moment, I’ll pleasure him whenever he wants and I’ll even go to the sex shop to find something that we can both enjoy together. To me, it sounded perfect! I couldn’t wait to tell him what I had planned. A day just about him.

While he was at work, I prepared. I went to the grocery store, went to the sex shop, went to get my punani waxed, I was ready! He actually came home early so that we could spend more time together. He’s the best!

As the night went on, all I could think about was him. Was he having fun? Was he feeling sexy? Could I do anything to make him feel sexier? When are we going to watch porn?

As the night went on , all I could think about was him. Was he having fun? Was he feeling sexy? Could I do anything to make him feel sexier? When are we going to watch porn? I started to grow anxious as he wasn’t doing anything that I had imagined in my head. Instead, he was doing things that was relaxing to him which was fine but again, not how I imagined a sexy night to start or lead up to.

I checked up on him a lot since I thought we were both on the same page that this night was going to be sexy. There was no sexy in the air and I kept blaming myself for it. I started to suggest things like, “do you want me to take out the strawberries?”, “should I take the sex pill right now?”, “do you want me to suck your dick?” Anything!

Finally, we were both feeling uncomfortable and he spoke up. He admitted that whatever was happening felt forced. Past me at the time, was offended. “FORCED”!? How did it feel forced when we both wanted it, right? I thought I had explained the type of night that I wanted so how could he have not known what I was expecting? What did he mean FORCED?

I started to explain to him what I was trying to do and how my intentions were all so good. It seemed like there was a miscommunication somewhere because apparently when he heard that it was his day, he thought he could do whatever he wanted with no problem. But when I said it was his day, my real intentions were that WE were going have a sexy night. I figured if he’s feeling sexy, I’ll benefit from it.

We ended up arguing that night because I refused to believe that I was trying to force anything on him. I was embarrassed and disappointed.


When it comes to dealing with issues, it takes me a while to process them. Especially if it has to do with me taking responsibility. I cannot be angry and try to deal with it at the same time. I’ll end up turning into a nasty person and say things I’ll regret in the morning.

After going through every moment in my head from start to finish, I realized where the problem started. It started in the morning when I planned out how I wanted the night to go so that NOTHING could go wrong. It did the opposite. I planned for something where EVERYTHING was wrong if it wasn’t according to how I played it out in my head. Hence the reason why I was getting more irritable every time something was going off plan.

I gave both of us such high expectations where there was no room for error. This wasn’t fair to him because he had no idea he was under that much pressure. How would he have known what was going through my head if I didn’t tell him?

I started to think about all the other moments where I found myself angry and anxious. They all had something in common which was whenever something didn’t go my way, I was not happy. My problem was having to know what was going to happen because I was afraid if I didn’t prepare for it I would fail and be embarrassed.

That is something I had to admit to myself which was tough at first but enlightening. Did I want to live a life where I always knew what was going to happen? Or did I want to live a life where I’m open to any possibilities because let’s face it, the possibility that we are telling ourselves may not be the best one. I want to live a life where I’m open to anything and if in that moment I have to struggle then so be it. At least I’ll be a much stronger person from it.

Do you find yourself controlling situations? Could this be the reason why you find yourself upset whenever something doesn’t go your way? Could this be a reason why there is a stunt on your sexual journey?

I believe that losing control is the best way to live life especially if you are on your sexual journey. It’s impossible to get to know yourself when you try to control every aspect of your life. Sometimes you need to let go of the wheel and trust that your Universe is doing everything in the best interest for you. You’d be surprise what is in store for you. The book Seat of The Soul talks about this the best. This book along with therapy has given me tools that I use everyday to help with this. It’s life changing and I highly recommend it.

I hope this helps you by showing you what controlling your life can look like. It looks different for all of us but they all share similar consequences. Let’s all try to work on losing control!

How to be Less Controlling

– Go into a situation open to possibilities. Think to yourself that NOTHING can go wrong because if it does, that means that you were expecting something to happen. That is CONTROL.

Be aware of how you say things. The words you use determine a lot of how your brain processes things. For example, I used to use the phrase ” I’m going to make him” whenever I would want to introduce a thing I was passionate about to someone. That phrase of making him do something aka forcing something on him already is telling myself that I don’t care if he wants to hear it or not. I’m going to make him listen and if he doesn’t I’ll be upset. Instead of using those words, I now go about it as “sharing” my passions with someone. I’ll introduce the topic because I love it but I won’t be upset if the other person won’t be into it too. I no longer have expectations for people to like the things that I like.

– I ask myself what is my intention. Intention is everything! There is an intention behind everything we say and some of us are just not aware of them. Once you become aware of why you are saying or asking things, the less confused you’ll be when a situation doesn’t go your way.

Stop putting expectations on yourself and others. I noticed when I was being judgmental of other people, I was really being judgmental of myself. I expected them to be a way because I expected myself to be a way. Stop being so hard yourself and you’ll see yourself be less hard on others.

Identify what control means to you. Try journaling about control and see what comes up. Ask yourself the questions, “What does control mean to me?” “Why do I need control?” “What happens when I lose control?”

– If all fails, do the opposite of what you’d normally do when you control a situation. If you react, try to respond instead. If you yell, try to use a different tone of voice. When you do this, you are being present and that is a start!

Stay Sexy & Curious

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Disclaimer: Many of the links provided are affiliate links which means that I may get commission if you purchase something using the link on my website. (Thank you in advance) This is at no cost to you at all. I only share things that I believe would help one in their sexual journey. All my opinions and advice are my own. I am not a doctor or therapist so if you have any real life concerning questions, I am not the one.

Sacred Squirter by Yoni Palace Review

Happy Thursday!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, or not but I have, is finally The Sacred Squirter by Yoni Palace review. I briefly talked about the unboxing of the toy and how I came to find it back in May.


– I found this toy browsing on Instagram

– The founder of Yoni Palace is HOT, (Rosie Rees)

– The name of the toy sold me

– This product came from Australia


Yoni Pleasure Palace is a luxurious online retailer of pleasure wands, yoni eggs, waterproof sex blankets and feminine wellness products.

Their mission is to help women strengthen their pelvic floors in order to “inspire women to slow down (and squirt!).”


The Sacred Squirter is a tongue shaped glass dildo. It’s curves and bumps are designed to help vagina owners hit their G-spot. The dildo is hand blown and made with borosilicate glass. Think beakers, flasks and other glass materials used in a laboratory. This means that it is temperature responsive in which the toy will not shatter under extreme heat or extreme cold aka perfect for TEMPERATURE PLAY.

First Impression:

Opening the package to my Sacred Squirter, I immediately felt like my chakras were jumping with excitement. It felt and looked sacred.

Once I got over how beautiful it was and started to think about using it, I was a little intimidated by the glass, the shape, and the ridges. Before the Sacred Squirter, I had never used a glass dildo before. If anything, I was just getting comfortable playing with my dildos. But if I learned anything from my dildo experience, it’s all about quality that makes a toy worth it which is what I felt immediately when I held it in my hands. I had bought the Sacred Squirter for $94 at the time which now has dropped to $69! Still pricey but quality is expected with that price.

The shape didn’t scare me so much more than turn me on. If you can use your imagination and picture your partner or someone you think is hot with that tongue, urgh you’d melt! I don’t know about you but I would be very eager to find out what that mouth can do.

As for the ridges, I was a little skeptical. I’ve had toys where it came with different texture heads and never found them useful or pleasurable.


After a month of having it, I decided to finally give it a try. I knew when I was ready to try the toy, I wanted to be intentional with it. That meant doing it when I was in an exploring type of mood. I think when it comes to squirting there are two things that are a must to achieve it. One, your mind and how relaxed it is. If your mind is on what class you’re going to take on classpass the next day, you’ll never get there. Second, is giving yourself permission to let go. That means losing control and having 0 expectations of what is to come (pun intended). Be open to squirting and be open to failing. Just tell yourself whatever happens it’s going to be okay.

DUN DUN DUNN (I tried it!)

Okay, it’s time. I’m horny. I’m in an exploring type of mood. I’m alone in the apartment. The moment is perfect.

I get everything I need to prepare for this moment. I have my Sacred Squirter, I have my Satisfyer pro (just incase I need assistance), a towel, laptop, and LUBE!

First, I put on porn I like. Then I used my hands to start to teasing myself. I caress my thighs, my stomach, my boobs, and then lightly around my pussy. As soon as I started to feel myself getting wet, I grabbed my Sacred Squirter and started rubbing it against my pussy. Up and down, side to side. Already, I’m feeling a sensation that I’ve never felt before. I’ve used vibrators and dildos to rub my pussy with in the past but this felt different. It was a combination of how heavy the glass was, the ridges and the temperature of the glass. It slid around my pussy effortlessly.

URGH! If that’s how it felt outside of my pussy I couldn’t wait to feel it inside. When I first put it in, the feeling was almost too intense and it was probably because my G-spot was gorging from just the rubbing.

I had to slow it down. I found that taking my time with it was more pleasurable than jamming it in as I would normally do with a dildo. The ridges and the shape of the dildo was hitting the spot perfectly. It was surprisingly very comfortable as most G-spot toys aren’t for me.

Every second of the experience was exhilarating. One of my favorite parts of the toy is that there is an indent in the middle of the tongue where you can see your squirt piling.

Let’s be real, not all of us is a “squirter” where we pee out a fountain. Some of us are gushers where your cum squeeze out like the candy fruit gushers. However you end up cuming, I’m sure you will be able to see your results on the toy. And if you’re anything like me you like to see your hard work.

Did I squirt?

I’ve never been a squirter. All of the guys that I’ve been with have always said something similar whenever I came which was ” a liquid poured out/gushed out.” So I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get my pornstar squirt moment. But I am not going to let that bring me down. I will try and try until I get it which is not the worst thing to keep on attempting.

How to use it?

There is no right or wrong way to use this toy. I’ve used this toy alone and with my partner. There is no experience that is better than the other in my opinion. I both love to masturbate alone and with my partner.

I do bring this out on more sensual moments as I do not want to drop this toy because crazy can get too crazy sometimes.

Is this for you?

If you are curious about squirting, this toy is for you. I feel that everything about the structure of this glass dildo helps you in achieving that. Also, if you don’t own a glass toy , I suggest that you give it a try. You’ll be surprised with the different sensations you feel versus what you feel from any other toy.

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Glass Toy alternatives

While there are plenty of glass toy alternatives it is important that you do your own research on them. You want to make sure that you are getting your toys from a trusted company and that they are using body safe materials. So be careful when choosing toys that are “cheap.”

I hope this review was helpful! I really enjoyed and still am enjoying this toy till this day. Man, I might have to use it after I get off here. I’m all hot and bothered from my own review! 😂

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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