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Where to Hide your Sex Toys in your Room so No one Will Find it

I’m back home in New York and I’m always extra horny because all I think about is not getting dick whenever I can from my bf who is in Chicago. I end up masturbating almost every night until I get back home. Which is not a bad thing. It’s almost like a self-love type of moment for me. I start to think about all the amazing masturbating moments I’ve had in this very room and to be honesty they were some of my best!

In my room, I have this big ass mirror that takes up one side of the wall. It can turn a basic masturbation session into something so sexy that sometimes I can’t believe it’s real life and not porn. I don’t know if it’s this specific mirror but I always look and feel good in it. Sometime’s I’m so turned on by myself that I’ll masturbate to myself aha.

Where to Hide your Sex toy in your room:

I digress. This isn’t about me masturbating to myself in the mirror. I actually want to talk about where you can store your sex toys in your room so no one will find them. Although I’ve moved out of my parent’s place, my room is still technically my room even if my mother allows guests to sleep in it. With guests coming in and out of my room I’m always afraid they’re going to find something that they shouldn’t see. 

With what started as me leaving sex toys behind so that I wouldn’t have to bring any back from Chicago are now my favorite hiding spots to keep my toys from anyone who stays in my room.

In my apartment in Chicago, I leave all my sex toys in the open. That is just how I like it, except for when I’m back home. I’m sure you are also the type of person who doesn’t want their sex toys out in the open especially if you have family or if you have people over often. So I’ve come up with a list of places to hide your sex toy so that you can keep your private life private.

Here are a couple of spots where you can hide your sex toys

  • Inside your bedside table: Ever since I moved, I moved a lot of personal items into my bedside table. Journals, one hitters, and random things that normally wouldn’t belong in a bedside table. I love putting my smaller sex toys in here because it gets mixed in with everything. Someone would have to physically take out everything to find them. If you can put a lock on this drawer, even better!
  • In your drawer: Because it’s still technically my room, I still have clothes that I leave here so I don’t overpack when I’m visiting home. Wrap your sex toys around your clothes and wala, no one will know it’s even there.
  • Shoe Box: Wrap your sex toy with cloth and put it in an empty shoe box. Try to place your shoe box somewhere high or under your bed and away from people’s gaze.
  • In a handbag: Put your sex toy in a handbag then throw it with a pile of things that look like a “pile of nothing” to a spectator. No one will want to get involved in your mess especially if it’s going to look noticeable that they went through your things. Only you will understand the pile of mess!
  • In a jacket pocket: If small enough, put your sex toy in one of your coat’s pocket. Then tuck that jacket all the way in the corner so no one even look at it.
  • Think of the most random place that even you yourself will even forget! You know it’s a good hiding spot when even you can’t find it.

Where do you hide your sex toys so that no one will find it? I’d love to hear the creatives ways you’ve come up with!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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Honoring Betty Dodson

Happy Monday! It’s the month of March aka Women’s month! It’s the month to celebrate the contribution of women in history and contemporary society. In honor of women’s month, I will highlight a woman who I believe has had an impact on women’s rights, sex, relationships, etc weekly.

Today, I’m going to highlight Betty Dodson. Betty Dodson is the founder of the Betty Dodson method, an artist, an author and a PhD sexologist. She passed away in October 2020 but her work to helping women connect with their body, have solo orgasms, release shame, and promote self-love still continues till this day.

Betty became involved in the sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, she started her first workshop, Bodysex, where she would guide women for 2 hours through a masturbation session. This involved 15 women in a circle and a hitachi wand that she would provide. “Effective masturbation, she believed, was a form of liberation for women, a way for them to learn to prioritize their own sexual experience and reduce their dependence on men.”

Ms. Dodson at a sexuality conference in 1973.
“Ms. Dodson at a sexuality conference in 1973.Credit…Bettye Lane/Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University” Taken from the NY TIMES


Legacy Continues

Although she is no longer with us, her legacy continues with her business partner Carlin Ross who still continues to host Bodysex workshops via zoom. Live sessions will begin again in June 2023 with a retreat in the Catskills in NY for 3 days. Prices range from $2169 – $2586 USD. This retreat includes meals, a magic wand, and Betty’s Barbell.

Betty’s legacy also continues with people all over the world being able to become a certified Bodysex Leader. Which means people who are just as passionate about teaching self pleasure can do so in their own homes.


Even though I would’ve loved to do the workshop with Betty, the OG, I still look forward to attending one in the future (As soon as I can afford it). I am so curious what I can learn from different techniques and what masturbating with a group feels like. I imagine liberating and feeling no worries as no one there is there to judge. The only thing I’ve gotten close to that was attending a female sex club. It was then that I noticed how comfortable it feels to be in a room with only women and doing sexual things with compared to if a man was present. It’s a feeling that I appreciate.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve mastered my masturbation sessions but I am humbled immediately every single time I touch my pussy or try out a different sex toy. I am constantly discovering new ways to pleasure myself and I feel this workshop will give me another perspective of self-pleasure which I’m always open to.

I’m inspired by Betty’s passion to helping women discover orgasms on their own. It’s something that I wish to do myself. She has proved to all of us that although we as women are getting our power back, some of us still haven’t realized that orgasms are part of that power. We must work hard to teach and practice self-love as this is the only way to tapping into your sexual self.

Thank you Betty Dodson for starting this movement! Make sure to check out her website. She has more information on Bodysex and how to articles on masturbation/orgasms.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge Results

It’s the end of February and the start of March! It’s funny how once it turns March we expect it to just not be winter anymore. Like we hope for it to be noticeably different.That is not the case out here in Chicago. It’s still in the 30s and I’m losing it! I need to move to California ASAP!

Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge Complete

Okay, back to sex. For those of you who were following the Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope that you were able to do some to all of these things in the month of February! If you didn’t, no worries because spicing up your sex life is not just for the month of February. This is an everyday thing, honey. So, feel free to save and come back to this whenever you’re ready.

Thank you to my subscribers and readers

I’m sorry I didn’t get to document every single challenge like I hoped to. I started a new job and I’ve been working on including blogging and crocheting into my new busy schedule. I do appreciate everyone who is reading, commenting, and subscribing though! You guys are the best and I promise I won’t let you down! You are the reason why I write! You’re like me who clearly believes talking about sex is necessary to living a fulfilling authentic life!

While I didn’t document everything for this challenge, I was still thinking about it whenever I was doing something sexy. I mean I’m the one who created it, I hope so aha. And per my last post , I mentioned how I was going to do this challenge more like BINGO instead of following it everyday.

Here are my results for this February’s challenge. I think I did pretty good. I wish I could’ve checked off “Kiss the Opposite sex” but that was in January and I didn’t want to cheat! If you want to see my results for this challenge, keep reading!


Sensation Play: Sensation play is when you heighten your senses for sexual pleasure. I would say that I’m somewhat a masochist. A masochist is “a person who derives sexual gratification from being subjected to physical pain or humiliation.” I checked this off because I got my boobs squeezed hard, spanked, and my nipples bit. This is a must for me all the time!

Masturbate Meditation: Check out my post on masturbate meditation. I’ve masturbated while focusing on my breathing before but this was different. I first set the mood by burning palo santos to clear out any bad energy. The smell even turned me on. I think what made this experience different was setting an intention before I started masturbating. I told myself that it was about exploring my body and that there was no expectation of anything. This helped when my mind would wander. There were plenty of times where I found myself cumming too fast so I would have to slow it down. I felt like I was teasing myself the entire time while also discovering new sensations in my body.

Bring a sex toy in the bedroom: I always bring a sex toy in the bedroom. I even bring sex toys on vacation. At one point during my hoe days, I’d even carry around a vibrator in my bag just in case.

Use Extra Lube: I did this multiple times during February! I even did this while I was masturbating. If I could tell my younger self that lube is nothing to be embarrassed about I would! I would tell her “Use the entire bottle! DO IT!! It will feel so good!”

Do it anywhere but in the bedroom: I think I get the horniest in the living room so check!

Take a sexy selfie: There’s so many to choose from.

Give a sloppy blowjob: There is only one way to give a blowjob.

Flirt with a stranger: Does flirting with fans on onlyfans count?

Tell your partner what you want done sexually: I do this every time I have sex and you should, too! I am never afraid to ask my bf to go down on me. There are days where I just need that and that only. Get what you want!

Walk around naked: I thought that was the only way to walk around home?

Talk Dirty: ” You love this asian pussy?”

Masturbate in front of your partner:  Masturbating in front of your partner will make it seem like he’s watching real life masturbating porn. HOT! Also, check! Ya’ll know I love acting like a pornstar :P.

Have sex in front of the window: We have a gigantic window from ceiling to floor that has a landscape view of downtown Chicago. Fucking in front of the window with that view is motivating. It makes me think about the next view that we are going to fuck in front of.

Fuck like a pornstar: Staring deeply into his eyes. Moving my hips up and down his dick. Moaning so loud the neighbors hear.. Check!

Try flavored lube: I finally tried flavored lube from #LUBELIFE. They sent me a whole pack of flavored lubes. It had chocolate strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and champagne flavor. I will do an actual review on this soon. Let’s just say, flavored lube is not for me but I can definitely see why some people would enjoy it.

Share with a friend: Always!

Give, give, give, without expecting: I am very submissive and I am a pleaser. CHECK!

Touch yourself with your hands only: Check!

Cum more than once: Always. Forever. Done. Check!

While I do most of these things already, I’m always trying to challenge myself sexually by switching it up. There’s days where I don’t want to be submissive and I want to be the one who carries the dick. This is how you should look at these activities. Make it your own and have fun with it.

Thank you again for everyone who participated! I hope that you feel a little bit more sexy and more you. I can’t wait for the next challenge. What do you think should be on it next?

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Stay Sexy & Curious!