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Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge Results

It’s the end of February and the start of March! It’s funny how once it turns March we expect it to just not be winter anymore. Like we hope for it to be noticeably different.That is not the case out here in Chicago. It’s still in the 30s and I’m losing it! I need to move to California ASAP!

Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge Complete

Okay, back to sex. For those of you who were following the Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope that you were able to do some to all of these things in the month of February! If you didn’t, no worries because spicing up your sex life is not just for the month of February. This is an everyday thing, honey. So, feel free to save and come back to this whenever you’re ready.

Thank you to my subscribers and readers

I’m sorry I didn’t get to document every single challenge like I hoped to. I started a new job and I’ve been working on including blogging and crocheting into my new busy schedule. I do appreciate everyone who is reading, commenting, and subscribing though! You guys are the best and I promise I won’t let you down! You are the reason why I write! You’re like me who clearly believes talking about sex is necessary to living a fulfilling authentic life!

While I didn’t document everything for this challenge, I was still thinking about it whenever I was doing something sexy. I mean I’m the one who created it, I hope so aha. And per my last post , I mentioned how I was going to do this challenge more like BINGO instead of following it everyday.

Here are my results for this February’s challenge. I think I did pretty good. I wish I could’ve checked off “Kiss the Opposite sex” but that was in January and I didn’t want to cheat! If you want to see my results for this challenge, keep reading!


Sensation Play: Sensation play is when you heighten your senses for sexual pleasure. I would say that I’m somewhat a masochist. A masochist is “a person who derives sexual gratification from being subjected to physical pain or humiliation.” I checked this off because I got my boobs squeezed hard, spanked, and my nipples bit. This is a must for me all the time!

Masturbate Meditation: Check out my post on masturbate meditation. I’ve masturbated while focusing on my breathing before but this was different. I first set the mood by burning palo santos to clear out any bad energy. The smell even turned me on. I think what made this experience different was setting an intention before I started masturbating. I told myself that it was about exploring my body and that there was no expectation of anything. This helped when my mind would wander. There were plenty of times where I found myself cumming too fast so I would have to slow it down. I felt like I was teasing myself the entire time while also discovering new sensations in my body.

Bring a sex toy in the bedroom: I always bring a sex toy in the bedroom. I even bring sex toys on vacation. At one point during my hoe days, I’d even carry around a vibrator in my bag just in case.

Use Extra Lube: I did this multiple times during February! I even did this while I was masturbating. If I could tell my younger self that lube is nothing to be embarrassed about I would! I would tell her “Use the entire bottle! DO IT!! It will feel so good!”

Do it anywhere but in the bedroom: I think I get the horniest in the living room so check!

Take a sexy selfie: There’s so many to choose from.

Give a sloppy blowjob: There is only one way to give a blowjob.

Flirt with a stranger: Does flirting with fans on onlyfans count?

Tell your partner what you want done sexually: I do this every time I have sex and you should, too! I am never afraid to ask my bf to go down on me. There are days where I just need that and that only. Get what you want!

Walk around naked: I thought that was the only way to walk around home?

Talk Dirty: ” You love this asian pussy?”

Masturbate in front of your partner:  Masturbating in front of your partner will make it seem like he’s watching real life masturbating porn. HOT! Also, check! Ya’ll know I love acting like a pornstar :P.

Have sex in front of the window: We have a gigantic window from ceiling to floor that has a landscape view of downtown Chicago. Fucking in front of the window with that view is motivating. It makes me think about the next view that we are going to fuck in front of.

Fuck like a pornstar: Staring deeply into his eyes. Moving my hips up and down his dick. Moaning so loud the neighbors hear.. Check!

Try flavored lube: I finally tried flavored lube from #LUBELIFE. They sent me a whole pack of flavored lubes. It had chocolate strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and champagne flavor. I will do an actual review on this soon. Let’s just say, flavored lube is not for me but I can definitely see why some people would enjoy it.

Share sexishblog.com with a friend: Always!

Give, give, give, without expecting: I am very submissive and I am a pleaser. CHECK!

Touch yourself with your hands only: Check!

Cum more than once: Always. Forever. Done. Check!

While I do most of these things already, I’m always trying to challenge myself sexually by switching it up. There’s days where I don’t want to be submissive and I want to be the one who carries the dick. This is how you should look at these activities. Make it your own and have fun with it.

Thank you again for everyone who participated! I hope that you feel a little bit more sexy and more you. I can’t wait for the next challenge. What do you think should be on it next?

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Stay Sexy & Curious!


Tell Your Partner What you Want Sexually

Happy Monday!! Sorry, I’ve been slacking with my posts! A lot has been happening and I was away this past weekend at New Orleans celebrating my 2 year anniversary with my Boo. But, I’m back with a sex post that I promise you will change your sex life forever!

Continuing Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge for this month, I have “Tell Your Partner What You Want Sexually” on the calendar.  In other words, don’t wait for him to tell you what he wants from you in bed, YOU tell him what you want from him! This will prevent a lot of running back to your girlfriends and gossiping about what you didn’t get in bed.

I think the reason why so many people believe men love sex more than women is because men are more vocal about sex and what they want in the bedroom. We can learn something from them because this seems to work for them not only in the bedroom but in the professional world. Hewlett Packard did a study on why women weren’t in top management and Forbes put it like this, “Men are confident about their ability at 60%, but women don’t feel confident until they’ve checked off each item on the list.”

When it comes to sex, we women check the box for everything on the list. I don’t know what that list looks like but I know that we check it all! I know this because I’ve seen what men will do for us and there is no way we can go wrong! The only times things go wrong is when we don’t ask for what we want to feel fulfilled.

Actually, what men don’t tell you is that they love it when a woman knows what they want in bed. You’d be surprised by how many men actually just want to sit down and not think about the next move. From experience, men are turned on by me because I know specifically what turns me on, what positions make me look good, and most importantly, what makes me feel good. Best believe if I want my booty spanked I will grab his hand and show him how I want to be spanked.

TRY THIS: Think about all the times you had sex with someone and then afterwards felt like something was missing. Sit down with yourself and list the things you wish would’ve happened for the moment to be more satisfying for you. Do you wish that he went down on you longer? Do you wish that he was more gentle with your clit? Do you wish that you didn’t feel rushed sucking his dick? Do you wish foreplay was longer? Do you wish he wouldn’t call you a bitch during sex? Do you wish that he could’ve pulled your hair a little harder?

Think about your perfect sex session and how that looks like. Of course, keep in mind that you can’t control the situation completely but you are able to do things for yourself that will make you feel more empowered and less shameful. 

If you’re intimidated by this, you can always start slow by saying “no” or speaking up when you feel uncomfortable. You’ll eventually get used to being more vocal in which you’ll begin to see your sex life change for the better!

I hope this advice helps and you give it a try! Remember, you can always go back to being submissive and not ask for what you want if you don’t like it.

The Spice up Your Sex Life challenge is supposed to challenge your way of thinking about what you already believe in. It’s to show you what could happen if you step out of your comfort zone. Make sure to leave a comment if you’re participating in this challenge. Again, you don’t need to follow the challenge everyday. If anything, treat it like BINGO and see how many you can do this month! That’s what I’m doing! HAVE FUN!!

Stay Sexy & Curious!


Bring a Sex Toy in the Bedroom: Sexish Challenge Day 3

It’s day 3 in the Sexish Challenge to Spice up Your Sex Life!

Today’s challenge to spice up your sex life is to bring a sex toy in the bedroom! If you are not already doing this, why not?! I’m not saying that you need a sex toy during partnered sex to have an orgasm but it definitely enhances the experience. It may not be for everyone but, I think it’s worth trying.

I believe sex toys open doors to pleasure that you never knew existed. If you’ve watched Everything Everywhere All at Once, it’s like channeling into other universes. It sounds intense because it is!

I’ve always been the one to bring sex toys in the bedroom. If I knew I was going to sleep with someone that night, I always made sure that I had at least one toy in my overnight bag. I did this because I knew I wanted to have an orgasm regardless if it was given to me or not. I was in control of my orgasm every time.

Of course there are people who want to bring sex toys in the bedroom but they’re afraid of hurting their partners feelings. They’re afraid their partner’s ego will get hurt and it will make them feel like they’re not enough.

If your partner feels this way when the topic of bringing a sex toy in the bedroom comes up, it maybe that he really isn’t doing enough or he lacks the knowledge of what sex toys can do in the bedroom. It’s normal to be a little confused if one has never heard of such a thing before. Still, no one should feel intimidated instead they should be supportive and encouraging.

Bringing sex toys in the bedroom is a great way to spice up your sex life. If you’re interested in doing this but don’t know how to approach your partner, I gotchu!! Here are some pointers to introduce it to your partner.

How to Introduce sex toys in the bedroom

  • Explain to your partner why you want to bring sex toys in the bedroom: This is a great time to explain to your partner that it’s not because he isn’t enough but because you’re curious about how it can enhance your sex together. Put emphasis on how this would be a great opportunity to explore each others sexuality. Involving your partner in the explanation makes it easier for them to be open to the idea. Remember to use words that sound inviting and words that come off curious. Avoid sounding like you’re complaining or criticizing the sex you’re having right now.

P.S. you can also mention how your friend on SEXISH says it’s life changing and worth a try. 😉

  • Masturbate in front of your partner: Pick your favorite sex toy and tell your partner that you want to show him “how it works”. Not only will he be curious about how it works but he will also be so turned on that he will want to join you. Trust me, he would hate to interrupt you if you are enjoying yourself. This is a great way for you to tell him how you want to be fucked while you are using your toy.
  • Find the right sex toy together: Make finding the right sex toy a couple’s activity! I recommend going to your local sex store and both of you asking your sales person all the questions you may have. This will give both of you guys an idea of what type of toy and experience you are looking for.
  • Be open to compromise: While we would love the answer from our partner to be positive and supportive, sometime’s it’s not. It’s important that you go to your partner with exactly what you want and also to be open to what your partner has to say. As long as you don’t get a hard “no” (in which case you should dump their ass. jk… not…jk.. but no really, think about it.), you can always come up with a solution where both of you will be happy.

Go to sex toys for partnered sex:

When I’m looking for a sex toy I can use for partnered sex, I’m looking two things. One, the grip has to be comfortable. I don’t like toys that make my hand sore from the vibration. And two, I like a toy that is the right size which means I like a toy that doesn’t get in the way. The toy shouldn’t be a distraction, it should be a friendly addition like a helping hand.

Satisfyer Pro 2 (use code SEXISH for 10% off)

We all know how much I love The Satisfyer Pro 2. This is on my bedside at all times. The only times you won’t see it there is if it’s dead. It has the perfect grip and it never gets in the way during penetration. It works in all sex positions even in missionary!







Le Wand Massager (use code SEXISH for 10% off)

The wand is a classic in partnered sex. Most popular is the Hitatchi but brands like Le Wand has created wands that are much more appealing and travel friendly.

The long handle makes holding the wand much easier during sex. My only issue with it is that it is super strong especially if you’re sensitive. I find that when I’m using this for a long time, my entire vulva goes numb. So numb to the point I can hardly feel anything. I suggest using this when you’re on the brink of cumming to avoid going numb.






Lovehoney Sensual Glass Curved Beaded Dildo

I love adding dildos during partnered sex. It almost feels like a threesome except without an actual body involved. You can get creative with it by using the toy at the same time as you’re getting penetrated or separately.








We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Couple’s Vibrator

Remote controlled sex toys can be fun during sex! The idea of having your pleasure in someone else’s control is a turn on! Check out toys from We Vibe for app and remote controlled sex toys. Who says sex toys has to be played with in the bedroom only?








I hope this post was helpful for you to have a successful day 3 of Sexish’s Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge! What sex toys do you use during partnered sex? if you’re not using toys, why not? I want to know! Leave a comment!

Stay Sexy & Curious!