How to be Sexually Attractive to your Man Again

Oh, don’t we all love the honeymoon phase in a relationship. It’s carefree, fun and full of sex. It’s when that ends when we start to realize that the moves we were once doing no longer works. Although sparks may disappear in a relationship after some time, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to rekindle it again. It just takes a little work.

One way to rekindle your relationship is to become sexually attractive to your man all over again. Remember the times when he’d want to fuck your brains out all the time? Whenever and where ever? That can happen again. Wanting to be more sexually attractive to your man is already a step into rekindling your relationship.

How to be Sexually Attractive to Your Man Again

1.Talk about your personal goals: When you’ve been in your relationship long enough you become comfortable with silence. Fill that silence up with talking about your personal goals. Your goals have probably changed since you guys started dating so give him an update! Knowing that you’re still working on yourself in this partnership is an attractive trait.

2. Be sexually spontaneous: Remember all the crazy sex moves you tried in the beginning of the relationship? Continue to research and look for new moves to try. Maybe even gift him Position of the Day: Sex Everyday in Every Way. He’ll appreciate the effort that you want to do something sexy together.

Another tip to being sexually spontaneous is by sucking his dick when he least expects it. It could be while he’s watching television, getting dressed for work, or even while he’s cooking. Just don’t do it while he’s frying anything. Hell, even throw your titties in his face every now and then. Who can get mad at that?

3. Don’t wait for him: Taking initiative is sexy! If there is something you want to do, don’t wait and expect that he’ll do it, just do it. For example, if you want to have sex, make the move first. Or if it’s something he likes to do when he gets home, have that already ready for him. The fact that he doesn’t have to ask you to do something is attractive.

4. Remind him how sexy he is: Men don’t want to say it but they love being told how sexy they are. You always hear that it is a woman’s thing but trust me it’s a man thing too. It doesn’t take much to caress your man’s body and tell him what you love about it. It could be the thing he needs to get back into the sexy mood.

5. Walk around in something sexy: Maybe you guys got so comfortable with each other that you’re both more comfortable in sweats and with your hair in a bun. Switch it up by putting a little more effort into your makeup and walk around in lingerie. Show him what he’s missing!

6. Accept him for who he is: No one is perfect. There is always going to be someone out there who gets on your nerves. But if you love someone, the best thing to do is practice acceptance. Accept that you can’t change them. ” Either way, you accept the reality of the other person. You may not like it, you may not prefer it, you may feel sad or angry about it, but at a deeper level, you are at peace with it. That alone is a blessing. And sometimes, your shift to acceptance can help things get better.” says Rick Hanson, PHD on . By accepting your partner for who they are, you’ll be less likely to point out what you don’t approve of them which eventually can make you sexually attractive again!

7. Send him a naughty text: I bet your man forgot how sexy you are so send him a random naughty text to remind him. Try to do it when he’s at work so that he looks forward to something when he comes home. Run into the bathroom and maybe bend over and show him where his big dick of his is going to go later.

Or if you guys are in the same room, send him a text to have him blush in public.


How to be sexually attractive to your man again

8. Be yourself: Sometimes in a relationship we get caught up on loving each other too much that we forget to be ourselves. Change your mindset to starting all over again. Pretend you’re meeting each other again for the first time and you’re trying to show him all of you on the first date. Flirt like you used to flirt. He’ll be reminded all over again why he fell in love with you to begin with.

9. Confidence: Be confident! No one likes a person who is insecure and feels they can’t hold their own. Any chance you get to be confident, do it! There is truth to confidence is key! Check out my post on Ways to boost your Confidence before sex!

As you can see, it’s possible to reignite that spark in your relationship. It just takes a little effort. If you think about it too much, you’ll never do it. So, just have fun with it. Remember, it’s usually the small things that count the most!

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