Do you have a sexual experience you want to share?

First, thank you so much for wanting to contribute. How exciting! The world needs more confident people talking about their wild sexual experiences. Talking about it is a great indicator of how good you are in bed. So, toast to great fucking. I hope from sharing your experience, you feel liberated as well as discover things about yourself that you have never known. Don’t let this be the first and last time you write about your erotic experience. Keep a journal and keep writing about them because who doesn’t like to be reminded of good sex? 


  • Be raw. Use words you used while you were fucking. USE the words pussy, dick, fuck, etc. if necessary.
  • Climax. Write about a time that makes you come just thinking about it.
  • Be Detailed. We want to know every little detail. The way he/she smelled, the size of his cock, how wet her pussy was. EVERYTHING.
  • Feelings. Most importantly, how did this experience make you feel? What’d you learn?
  • Identification. All Identities will be confidential if asked to do so. We understand the taboo on talking about ones sexual experience freely. We hope from this platform that this taboo will eventually become depleted completely. 
  • Length. Length can range from a couple of sentences to a couple of paragraphs. 
  • Include. Name, age, sexual orientation. If you don’t want to include your name, you can always write as your alter ego ;).

Want to contribute but don’t know what to write about? Here are questions to answer if you have trouble coming up with a story:

  • Describe your best sexual experience- WHY?
  • Explain why you have a certain fetish. How does it make you feel when in the act?
  • Best head from someone. Describe the setting and moves done.
  • What did you learn from it?
  • Your first time doing something
  • Worse sex ever
  • Tinder hookup
  • Weird sex

PS. if you don’t want to share a sexual experience but you have a strong angle on sexuality, let me know!

​Shoot me an email at if interested