Sometime’s a Small dick is all You Need

I love my friends back home in New York because they’re like me. They love to talk about sex! There is no such thing as too much information about our sex lives. Which is why this weekend my friend did not hesitate to send me a voice memo that she is messing with a “Short Dick King.”

“It was the best- that I’ve had for a very long time.” ” I believe there are certain dicks that are made for certain vaginas.”

Of course the jokes of “small dicks” flooded the chat but in all seriousness, I think she had something going when she said that certain dicks are made for certain vaginas.

I, myself, love me a big, long, thick dick even when there are times when I think my pussy can’t handle it. Personally, that’s the part I like. I like the struggle and the small amount of pain I endure when it’s half way in. That is what extra extra lube is for!

Give Small Dicks a Chance

While I’ve had my fair share of big ol’ dicks, I’ve also had experiences with smallish to medium size dicks. Not all of my experiences were terrible which is why I think we need to give them more credit.

When I think about those times, I remember my pussy being much wetter. It was very slippery. My pussy had to do less work to make it work and my pussy wasn’t mad at that.

Porn & Big Dicks

We always talk about women comparing themselves to pornstars and we forget men do it too. Just like porn makes some women feel insecure about their performance, porn makes men feel insecure about their dick size. Imagine them seeing a women screaming with pleasure because they’re being dicked down by a gigantic dick. Who wouldn’t feel some type of way from it.

Male pornstars are performers too! They are sought out for one thing and one thing only, their dick size. That is why you’ll notice most of the men are not really attractive. But who’s looking at them anyways? (no offense)

In reality, finding a big dick like the ones on BLACKED is a rare find. And when one does find one, it’s often intimidating and uncomfortable.

Women are coming out about pain

I’m starting to notice that more women are coming out about pain during sex and it’s because some dicks are too painful for women to handle. Which is normal! I encourage more women to talk about their pain during sex because there is too much noise from society on what type of dick we should be enjoying.

Luckily there are accessories to add during sex if you want to adjust the depth of how deep a dick can go. Check out Ohnut if you are experiencing this pain.

Consistent pain during sex is not normal and you should consult with a doctor if you’re experiencing this.

Benefits of Small Dicks

Big dicks has it’s perks but don’t sleep on the smaller dicks! They have their own benefits too. Let us normalize smaller dick sizes because that is most of the population. I want to hear more, “I loved the small/medium size dick I had last night!”

With the right positions and right moves, you will be able to cum just as hard as you would with a big dick. You might even find that you have more fun after experiencing one!

1. Giving a blowjob : If you give blowjobs, the idea of deep throating a dick has crossed your mind. For some, it’s a goal and for some, it feels impossible to attempt because all they’ve ever been faced with are big dicks. Luckily with a smaller dick, your blowjob skills will go from 0-100 real quick!

What you couldn’t do to a big dick before you can do to a smaller dick but even better. Your man will be so impressed seeing you take their entire dick in your mouth.

TIP: When you have his dick in your mouth tell him how good it feels to boost his confidence. Remember, the more confident you feel the better you will perform. Check out my post on Ways to boost your confidence during sex.

2. Anal sex won’t hurt as much: The reason for most painful anal sex is from the insertion of a large object/large dick in a small bootyhole. It also doesn’t help that most people feel intimidated by the act which will make it more difficult to relax in the situation.

With a smaller dick, pain will obviously be less painful due to the size. So if you’ve been wanting to try anal, get yourself a small dick. Don’t forget the lube! You’ll still need it even with a smaller dick.

3. Your pussy stays wet longer: It’s a fact that when you have a bigger dick in you, the harder it is for your pussy to stay lubricated. Dr. Jennifer Landa, MD, OB-GYN, and Chief medical officer at BodylogicMD told POPSUGAR, “For women with hormonal changes in perimenopause and menopause, a smaller penis can be beneficial because these women tend to have less lubrication and the cells of the vagina actually shrink in menopause, which can make accommodating a larger penis more difficult.”

I can definitely back this up. When I was in a relationship before my hoe days, I realized how wet I would get. It was not until I started messing with bigger dicks that I realized I started to dry up faster. I was so confused to why this was happening but it did teach me about lube!! A must!

Check out my favorite sex shops to find the perfect lube. Use code sexish10 for JO#lubelife

4. He compensates in other areas: Men with smaller dicks know they lack in size therefore they will go above and beyond to pleasure their partner. They will try to compensate for other areas in the bedroom. For example, if they’re not good with their stroke game best believe they’re going to perfect eating your pussy out or even be more accepting of sex toys in the bedroom.

Penetration isn’t everything, actually only 30% of women are orgasming from it. What does that say? Big dicks, you might be doing something wrong. If you find yourself with someone who has a smaller penis, try to include more foreplay. Foreplay will get you heated so fast that you might even forget about the size.

5. Kinks: When I was a Dominiatrix I was introduced to the kink of small penis humiliation. “Small penis humiliation is a form of verbal erotic humiliation involving the penis where a dominant person usually consensually degrades a submissive’s penis.” The person doesn’t necessarily have to have a small penis to enjoy this type of degrade. It’s mainly the idea of making them feel their dick is useless that turns them on.

Of course this is something you would have to discuss with your partner to see if they’re okay with this type of humiliation. Don’t just make fun of your partner’s penis size out of nowhere. That’s just plain mean.

Hey, how would you know you don’t like it if you don’t try?! It can be real hot when you think of it as a dominant/submissive play. This is a little extreme but it’s worth checking out on porn if you’ve never seen it.

As you can see, a smaller dick is not the end of the world! It just means you might have to get a little more creatively sexy which is not a terrible thing! That sounds exciting! So, don’t be discouraged by the size and continue to rock the boat, rock the boat!


Have you had experiences with a smaller dick? What are the ways you make it work?

Stay Sexy & Curious