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Where to Hide your Sex Toys in your Room so No one Will Find it

I’m back home in New York and I’m always extra horny because all I think about is not getting dick whenever I can from my bf who is in Chicago. I end up masturbating almost every night until I get back home. Which is not a bad thing. It’s almost like a self-love type of moment for me. I start to think about all the amazing masturbating moments I’ve had in this very room and to be honesty they were some of my best!

In my room, I have this big ass mirror that takes up one side of the wall. It can turn a basic masturbation session into something so sexy that sometimes I can’t believe it’s real life and not porn. I don’t know if it’s this specific mirror but I always look and feel good in it. Sometime’s I’m so turned on by myself that I’ll masturbate to myself aha.

Where to Hide your Sex toy in your room:

I digress. This isn’t about me masturbating to myself in the mirror. I actually want to talk about where you can store your sex toys in your room so no one will find them. Although I’ve moved out of my parent’s place, my room is still technically my room even if my mother allows guests to sleep in it. With guests coming in and out of my room I’m always afraid they’re going to find something that they shouldn’t see. 

With what started as me leaving sex toys behind so that I wouldn’t have to bring any back from Chicago are now my favorite hiding spots to keep my toys from anyone who stays in my room.

In my apartment in Chicago, I leave all my sex toys in the open. That is just how I like it, except for when I’m back home. I’m sure you are also the type of person who doesn’t want their sex toys out in the open especially if you have family or if you have people over often. So I’ve come up with a list of places to hide your sex toy so that you can keep your private life private.

Here are a couple of spots where you can hide your sex toys

  • Inside your bedside table: Ever since I moved, I moved a lot of personal items into my bedside table. Journals, one hitters, and random things that normally wouldn’t belong in a bedside table. I love putting my smaller sex toys in here because it gets mixed in with everything. Someone would have to physically take out everything to find them. If you can put a lock on this drawer, even better!
  • In your drawer: Because it’s still technically my room, I still have clothes that I leave here so I don’t overpack when I’m visiting home. Wrap your sex toys around your clothes and wala, no one will know it’s even there.
  • Shoe Box: Wrap your sex toy with cloth and put it in an empty shoe box. Try to place your shoe box somewhere high or under your bed and away from people’s gaze.
  • In a handbag: Put your sex toy in a handbag then throw it with a pile of things that look like a “pile of nothing” to a spectator. No one will want to get involved in your mess especially if it’s going to look noticeable that they went through your things. Only you will understand the pile of mess!
  • In a jacket pocket: If small enough, put your sex toy in one of your coat’s pocket. Then tuck that jacket all the way in the corner so no one even look at it.
  • Think of the most random place that even you yourself will even forget! You know it’s a good hiding spot when even you can’t find it.

Where do you hide your sex toys so that no one will find it? I’d love to hear the creatives ways you’ve come up with!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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Sex Shops with the Best Valentine’s Day Sale!

Hi bbys! If you haven’t noticed, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Oh you have noticed? What made it obvious? The chocolates and balloons in all the grocery stores? The jewelry store commercials?

Even if I didn’t want to be part this Valentine’s Day holiday, I’m kind of obligated to because my anniversary with my booboo is on Valentine’s Day! We were two single sad people walking around in LA who found each other. Well, I found him. I saw him across the street and bent my ass in front of him so he could notice me. But I digress…

Where was I? Oh yes, Valentine’s Day! Good news, sex shops online are having their Valentine’s Day sale right now! So whether you’re alone for the holiday, you want to gift your girlfriend’s sex toys on GALentine’s day or even if you want to stay inside with your partner and decide to explore and do sexy things inside all night, this sale is for you!

Sex toys are not cheap which is why this is a great time to get that toy you’ve had your eye on for yourself at an affordable price. Here is a list of sex shops with sales going on right now! You’ll find everything from vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, lingerie, remote controlled toys and more! The list is endless just like your sexuality! HAVE FUN!!

Sex Shops with Valentine’s Day Sale

Up to 50% off

LELO, the luxury brand of sex toys is having a huge sale right now for both their 20th anniversary and Valentine’s Day. You’ll find some of their classic toys like the Sona 2, Soroya 2, Smart Wand, and my favorite, The Enigma on there! What’s great about this sale is that when you spend over $159, LELO will gift you a free personal moisturizer aka LUBE!

There’s still time to treat your Valentine! Free 2-Day shipping on orders $200+ with code CUPIDRUSH at goodvibes.com
Don’t be late to get a gift for your date! Free 2-Day shipping on orders $200+ with code VDAYRUSH at babeland.com

Good Vibrations and Babeland are the OG’S of selling sexy toys and educating women about pleasure ! Both have a great deal right now where if you spend more than $200 you’ll get 2 day shipping for FREE. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to go out to a shop and needs their sex toy ASAP! P.S. Both retailers have a variety of toys that are new and innovative. Take advantage of this sale to stock up on toys that you’re curious to try.

JO Pleasure Set

Lube is always the perfect gift to give to someone or yourself. There is no such thing as too much lube! For this Valentine’s Day, try  JO’s new flavored lube with their sweet & bubbly set. Use code SEXISH10 to get 10% off your order!

Valentine's Day Sale Up To 80% Off Code: LOVE - 250 x 250
Valentine’s Day Sale Up To 80% Off Code: LOVE

Use code LOVE to take advantage of PinkCherry’s sale up to 80% off! You’ll find familiar brands like the Womanizer, Satisfyer, Inya and more! I love how they have a variety of toys for the beginner all the way to the well seasoned masturbator. The prices are affordable too if you’re participating in a GALentine’s sex toy exchange!


Bellesa not only has sexy ethical porn, but sells quality sex toys! For the next 14 days, Bellesa is having unbeatable deals everyday! How exciting! There’s deals where you get a discount on a sex toy or even get a sex toy for free when you spend a certain amount! TODAY, you can get a free Airvibr Pro with the code VDAY7 when you spend only $69+! LET’S GO!!


Shop at LoveHoney, a large online retailer for sex toys, lingerie and sex toy accessories up to 50% off! I love that they have their Valentine’s sale categorized so that you can go straight to what you need. Categories include couples gifts, solo gifts, gifts under $30, and Lingerie.

This is only a few sex shops that I’ve mentioned but there are plenty more! Make sure to check out my Favorite Sex Shop page just in case I missed any. Do you know any good sales right now? Please share!!

*A reminder to my single folks, you are loveable and loved! The greatest love comes from you so treat yourself!

Stay Sexy & Curious!


Bring a Sex Toy in the Bedroom: Sexish Challenge Day 3

It’s day 3 in the Sexish Challenge to Spice up Your Sex Life!

Today’s challenge to spice up your sex life is to bring a sex toy in the bedroom! If you are not already doing this, why not?! I’m not saying that you need a sex toy during partnered sex to have an orgasm but it definitely enhances the experience. It may not be for everyone but, I think it’s worth trying.

I believe sex toys open doors to pleasure that you never knew existed. If you’ve watched Everything Everywhere All at Once, it’s like channeling into other universes. It sounds intense because it is!

I’ve always been the one to bring sex toys in the bedroom. If I knew I was going to sleep with someone that night, I always made sure that I had at least one toy in my overnight bag. I did this because I knew I wanted to have an orgasm regardless if it was given to me or not. I was in control of my orgasm every time.

Of course there are people who want to bring sex toys in the bedroom but they’re afraid of hurting their partners feelings. They’re afraid their partner’s ego will get hurt and it will make them feel like they’re not enough.

If your partner feels this way when the topic of bringing a sex toy in the bedroom comes up, it maybe that he really isn’t doing enough or he lacks the knowledge of what sex toys can do in the bedroom. It’s normal to be a little confused if one has never heard of such a thing before. Still, no one should feel intimidated instead they should be supportive and encouraging.

Bringing sex toys in the bedroom is a great way to spice up your sex life. If you’re interested in doing this but don’t know how to approach your partner, I gotchu!! Here are some pointers to introduce it to your partner.

How to Introduce sex toys in the bedroom

  • Explain to your partner why you want to bring sex toys in the bedroom: This is a great time to explain to your partner that it’s not because he isn’t enough but because you’re curious about how it can enhance your sex together. Put emphasis on how this would be a great opportunity to explore each others sexuality. Involving your partner in the explanation makes it easier for them to be open to the idea. Remember to use words that sound inviting and words that come off curious. Avoid sounding like you’re complaining or criticizing the sex you’re having right now.

P.S. you can also mention how your friend on SEXISH says it’s life changing and worth a try. 😉

  • Masturbate in front of your partner: Pick your favorite sex toy and tell your partner that you want to show him “how it works”. Not only will he be curious about how it works but he will also be so turned on that he will want to join you. Trust me, he would hate to interrupt you if you are enjoying yourself. This is a great way for you to tell him how you want to be fucked while you are using your toy.
  • Find the right sex toy together: Make finding the right sex toy a couple’s activity! I recommend going to your local sex store and both of you asking your sales person all the questions you may have. This will give both of you guys an idea of what type of toy and experience you are looking for.
  • Be open to compromise: While we would love the answer from our partner to be positive and supportive, sometime’s it’s not. It’s important that you go to your partner with exactly what you want and also to be open to what your partner has to say. As long as you don’t get a hard “no” (in which case you should dump their ass. jk… not…jk.. but no really, think about it.), you can always come up with a solution where both of you will be happy.

Go to sex toys for partnered sex:

When I’m looking for a sex toy I can use for partnered sex, I’m looking two things. One, the grip has to be comfortable. I don’t like toys that make my hand sore from the vibration. And two, I like a toy that is the right size which means I like a toy that doesn’t get in the way. The toy shouldn’t be a distraction, it should be a friendly addition like a helping hand.

Satisfyer Pro 2 (use code SEXISH for 10% off)

We all know how much I love The Satisfyer Pro 2. This is on my bedside at all times. The only times you won’t see it there is if it’s dead. It has the perfect grip and it never gets in the way during penetration. It works in all sex positions even in missionary!







Le Wand Massager (use code SEXISH for 10% off)

The wand is a classic in partnered sex. Most popular is the Hitatchi but brands like Le Wand has created wands that are much more appealing and travel friendly.

The long handle makes holding the wand much easier during sex. My only issue with it is that it is super strong especially if you’re sensitive. I find that when I’m using this for a long time, my entire vulva goes numb. So numb to the point I can hardly feel anything. I suggest using this when you’re on the brink of cumming to avoid going numb.






Lovehoney Sensual Glass Curved Beaded Dildo

I love adding dildos during partnered sex. It almost feels like a threesome except without an actual body involved. You can get creative with it by using the toy at the same time as you’re getting penetrated or separately.








We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Couple’s Vibrator

Remote controlled sex toys can be fun during sex! The idea of having your pleasure in someone else’s control is a turn on! Check out toys from We Vibe for app and remote controlled sex toys. Who says sex toys has to be played with in the bedroom only?








I hope this post was helpful for you to have a successful day 3 of Sexish’s Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge! What sex toys do you use during partnered sex? if you’re not using toys, why not? I want to know! Leave a comment!

Stay Sexy & Curious!


An Orgasm Twitter Thread

My pussy is so sore from yesterday’s masturbation session in the best way! I decided to spend my afternoon trying out my new vibrator, CATO from VIVE. I had tried it once before but I really wanted to give it an honest review. So, I got to it. I masturbated and took notes! Here is a thread I shared on twitter of my experience with the CATO by VIVE. Just thinking about it gets me excited.  A real review is in the works, but for now, enjoy!




How to Make Missionary Sex more Exciting

If missionary position was an actual person, I’d feel bad for them because of their bad reputation. No one thinks freaky, sexy when it comes to missionary, they think boring, lazy and vanilla. I have a feeling most people feel this way about missionary because they’ve had a bad experience where they felt the person fucking them was the only one enjoying the moment.

It’s especially easy to feel that way when you feel you have no control in the position. I understand because I’ve been in that situation before. I’m a tiny person and my type is 6 foot and up and built so you can imagine how small I can feel. It wasn’t until I switched the role where I was in control even if I was on the bottom that made me start to like missionary.

Since I started taking control of my sex life, I refuse to not orgasm. I believe that if my partner is going to cum, I’m going to cum, too. Of course, there are instances where I just want my partner to cum because his pleasure matters to me but for the most part, I am going to have an orgasm regardless. So because of that mindset I set for myself, I had to make missionary position work for me.

I’m happy to say while missionary position isn’t my favorite position, it’s not my least favorite. I actually think I have some bomb ass missionary sex. There are times where I’m even shocked by how many times I’ve cum in that position.

So here I am, Theresa, about to put missionary sex back on the map!

When I talk about missionary sex, missionary position, I’m talking about a person on the bottom while someone is on top penetrating them. Typically a man on top of a woman but it’s 2022 that can be anyone now.

Missionary position is one of the most underrated position as we forget the benefits of it. We forget that it’s a great starter position for any sex activity, it’s an intimate position, and it’s less effort for days you’re not trying to have a full on fuck session.

How to make missionary sex more exciting

Add sex toys – adding sex toys to any sex position always makes it more exciting including missionary. Grab your favorite vibrator and use it on your clit while he’s in you. Your orgasm will be so strong you’ll forget you hate the missionary position. Not only will you be satisfied but your partner will love watching you close up while you are orgasming on his dick. Check out my post on sex toys for beginners.

If using a vibrator is uncomfortable to use while in the missionary position, try using a butt plug to wake up the nerves in your bootyhole.

Switch up the Angles – When I’m on the bottom, I get in angles that work for me. Which means I get in positions that are either rubbing against my clit or I get in a position where his dick can get in deeper.

If you’re looking for more of a clit stimulation, try holding on to his booty while you grind your pelvic on his. Adjust yourself so that your clit is rubbing against him. Imagine dancehall music in the background and you’re trying to grind on him until he cums. Holding on to his booty will help you have more control with the movement so that you can determine how you want your clit to be rubbed. I like to think of it as me fucking him instead of him fucking me.

To get in a deeper angle, I like to get in the happy baby yoga stretch position. While he’s in you, bend your knees and grab the outside of your feet. Then, flex your feet up into your hands while spreading your knees apart. I find that in this position not only am I getting a deeper penetration which stimulates my G-spot more but it also makes keegling on his dick easier. The harder I flex my feet into my hands, the harder my keegle is on his dick.

Try other angles especially if you’re flexible. Take advantage of those yoga stretches you know and bring them to bed. If you can bring your legs behind your head, do that. Your partner will be impressed by your moves.

Make out more- Since you’re already in this intimate position might as well make it more interesting by making out more in between. The next time you’re in missionary, try making out passionately by using your entire body. Grab on to his head, his butt, and touch his entire body while you tongue each other down. I find making out more in between builds the moment up.  Also, don’t forget to kiss on each other’s necks!

Talk dirty to each other – Feedback and communication is always sexy in any position. If you like something that your partner is doing, make sure to let them know so that they continue to do what you like. You can also use this opportunity to communicate what you don’t like so you don’t feel like you’re stuck down there. Check out my post on dirty talk to help you come up with things to say during sex

Just let go- I find when I’m in the missionary position and I let go and focus on every thrust instead of how much I don’t like the position, I have a much more satisfying time. Next time, allow yourself to be free by letting whatever noise comes out of you and by moving the way your body wants to move. Don’t force anything and just let it happen.

Touch yourself- If you don’t have toys, you can always take it back to the old school way and use your hands! While you’re on the bottom, you can make it worth your time by touching your erogenous zones like your nipples, your neck, and your ears. Touch yourself the way you’d want to be touched since you know best what turns you on. If you don’t, that means you need to masturbate more. Check out my tips on masturbating!

Play with your partner’s butt: If you have access to his booty, play with it! Men secretly love when you worship their body too.

You see, missionary sex can be fun and exciting! You just need to change your mindset on it and know that you can be in control too.

Do you have any tips on how to make missionary sex more exciting? Comment below!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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