Spice Up Your Sex Life Challenge

It’s almost that time of the year where everyone can’t help but feel LOVE in the air! Oh and let’s not forget the most commercialized holiday.The media and the stores you go in will not let you forget it.

It’s only mid January, can we appreciate this moment as this is the first time in almost 3 years where we are not constantly talking about a pandemic. We’ve finally gone back to not knowing what happens at the White House and I’m happy about that. It’s back to being boring.


OKAY back to sex. Whether you are spending the month of February alone, with a fuck buddy or with a partner, I have a challenge for you. I came up with this challenge to spice anyone’s sex life. You can be a frequent masturbator, the couple who can’t stop fucking, the person who feels sexy all the time, SINGLE, it’s literally for anyone who wants to make their current sex life a little bit more interesting.

This is especially great for people who are just starting their sexual journey to embracing their sexuality and curiosities. You’ll find simple challenges from touching yourself with your hands to more risque challenges like masturbating in front of your window.

It’s alright if you don’t complete the entire month, but try to go back to this chart whenever you want to try something new. You can even cut these up in tiny squares and throw it in a hat then choose from there. 

Spice up your sex life challe
Spice Up your Sex life Challenge

Challenge yourself! You can choose to do this alone on some days or include your partner in it. Either way, you will learn something new about yourself and your body. I myself will try to complete this as I’m trying to be my sexiest self, too!


You don’t need a lot of tools for this challenge except for YOURSELF + SEX TOY + LOTS OF LUBE

Here are some of my suggestions:

Since Valentine’s day is coming up soon, a lot of sex shops will be having a sale. So, take advantage of this and shop now! Make sure to check out My Favorite Sex Shops page for any codes to get an extra discount.



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Shop Sale

Save big on select valentine’s picks with code LOVERBABE @ babeland.com
Save big on select valentine’s picks with code LOVERBABE @ babeland.com

Babeland is one of the OGs of Sex Toy shops. I remember living in New York and walking into a Babeland store and feeling so comfortable! I’ve never met a staff in there that I did not like. Babeland is one of the stores that have a huge sale going on right now.

You’ll find sex toys, lingerie, accessories, and everything you’ll need for a perfect Valentine’s Day.


The Enigma by LELO
The Enigma by LELO

LELO is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a huge sale. A LELO toy would be the perfect gift to give to yourself this Valentine’s day. They’re luxury and sexy, everything that describes you.

But if you’re looking for a toy that does it all- a clit stimulator, vibrator, and a dildo, The Enigma is it!

I’ve never came so hard in my life before. This is one of my go to toys along with my Satisfyer. Check out The Enigma Review. This is all you’ll need for your challenge if any!


Toy Cleaners

JO Lube

JO lube is one my boyfriend and I’s favorite go to lube. Not only do they sell amazing quality lubes but, they also sell my favorite sex toy cleaner. It makes removing all the cum and crust off in all the crevices of any toy so easy. Check out How I clean my Dildos post to see it work.

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Lingerie from Babeland
Rose and Thorn Lace Crop top and Panty from Babeland

There’s a challenge to walk around naked but if that’s too much for you right now, a sexy lingerie will do! Red and white really pop on the skin so aim for those colors this Valentine’s Day.

Rose and Thorn Lace Crop top and Panty from Babeland








How to Give a Sloppy Blowjob

Giving a blowjob is definitely on the list but in particular, a SLOPPY BLOWJOB. No one likes dry head so prepare by reading How to Give Sloppy Head  and How to Start Enjoying Giving Blowjobs. Then you will be all set to give the greatest blowjob!









If you’re alone on Valentine’s day and you need some dick, go get some dick. There are plenty of dildos out there that are surprisingly realistic! You can even choose the skin color if you have a preference. Check out Tantus’s collection of all types of dildos.

Another favorite dildo brand of mine is Vixen which apparently you can shop for on Amazon!

Vixen Creations Bandit Vixskin Dildo, Chocolate










Sensory Play

GLO Bondage – Blindfold by Babeland

Sensory play is on the list! Think your five senses – smell, touch, hear, taste, and see. Then think of taking one away while you’re having sex.

-Blindfold your partner while you whisper and lick every part of their body.

– Temperature play. Get some ice cubes and run it down your thighs, labia, and on your nipples. Get creative with it. Also, if you have glass toys you can play with its temperature by putting it in the freezer or running it under warm water.

– Get a pair of handcuffs and put them on yourself or your partner so that you’re restrained from doing any of the touching. This will drive you wild especially when your partner gets near your pussy.

– For sound, you can whisper dirty things in each others ear. The goal is to turn each other on with sound. Need help talking dirty? Here is a how to talk dirty post!

– If you want to play around with the idea of “pain” or something more rough, try a pinwheel with spikes on it. This with a blindfold! woo, HOT.

Okay, I think you’re finally ready for the challenge. If you have any questions or need help with coming up with any ideas, leave a comment below!

Stay Sexy & Curious

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