O is for Open Wide

This week I’m participating in mollysdailykiss.com Sinful Sunday Challenge. “Sinful Sunday is ALL about the image. It’s a time and a place to share those sexy/erotic pictures that you have taken.” The challenge is to take a photo based off the erotic theme given. This week she continues the challenge with a letter prompt, which is The Letter O.

When I saw this, I was more than excited! I’m always up for a sexy challenge especially if it involves erotic and pictures. Ever since I’ve had a phone with a camera, I’ve always loved taking pictures of myself. Yes, it’s gotten me into trouble at times but the way I think about it is, anything before I was 18 didn’t count because that would just be wrong.

I love taking photos of myself that make me look like a pornstar.

So fast forward to my adult days, I love taking photos of myself that make me look like a pornstar. I think that is something I would’ve done in another life if I didn’t have a gigantic filipino family. I would hate for my Uncle’s to come up to me and ask me how I loved doing the ” Big Black Cock in my Asshole” movie. Yeah, that’s not the conversations I want to have at baby showers.

I just love how freeing pornstars are! Urgh, how jealous and turned on I am when I watch porn and I see a hot young Asian girl with a similar looking like pussy as mine. I can’t help but think that I could’ve taken that dick better than her.

I look at pornstars like performers and artists. I admire them. To me, they’re like singers, dancers, acrobats, and anything else that requires a special skill. I think a lot of people look down at pornstars because they don’t have a typical office job. They’re naked and having sex for the world to see and that makes people uncomfortable.

But if you really think about it, pornstars are not your average people. They require real skills. For example, they need to be able to take dick and different objects in their pussy, their booty hole, mouth or anything that has a crease. They also need to be able to take dick for a long period of time which I already know some of ya’ll can’t take dick for more than 10 minutes. And don’t get me wrong, that is not to shame you but to make you realize pornstars are another breed and you cannot compare yourself to them.

Let your man watch porn! It’s like us women watching romantic movies all day. We fantasize what’s in front of us and try to imagine how we can make it come to life. I digress!

I say this all to say if you can’t be a pornstar, you can always look like one!

So because I can’t be a pornstar, every time I get a chance to look and act like one, I take it. I think thats my boyfriends favorite thing about me. Teehee. My favorite look on a pornstar is the face they make when their mouth is open dripping with spit waiting for cum. It’s so sexy and submissive. It looks like their eyes are begging for cum to be all over their face. It’s right after being skull fucked and their makeup is smeared from all the pounding. One lash is on her forehead and the other is barely hanging on. To me, its the look of a successful fuck session. So in honor of the Letter O challenge, here is “Open Wide.”

So in honor of the Letter O: Here is “Open Wide”

Join the challenge with me! What’s your letter O?

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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Sinful Sunday

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