Meditation Masturbation

It’s day 2 of Sexish Spice up your Sex Life Challenge and today’s challenge is meditation masturbation. If you already practice yoga, this will be easy!

Meditation Masturbation is bringing traditional meditation into your masturbation sessions to bring awareness to what is pleasurable to you. In other words, the goal isn’t to orgasm but to feel all the feelings that arise when you are masturbating. This will eventually help with your orgasms alone and with partnered sex. 

As humans we are always so busy. We’re constantly thinking about how we’re going to make money, what we’re going to eat tonight, did I leave the stove off? No wonder it’s so hard for some of us to orgasm when we masturbate or during partner sex. Our brains are constantly thinking about the future. 

Meditation masturbation forces you to focus on pleasure instead of your crazy hectic life. Which is why I included this challenge. This challenge challenges one to take a beat and to acknowledge all the different sensations one can feel. Sometimes the best way to do that is by focusing on just that. I believe it’s important we understand our bodies and we know what makes us feel good! How do you expect someone else to figure out how to make you feel good when you can’t do that for yourself?

This may seem intimidating but it really isn’t! It’s actually really simple! Here is a “How to” to get you started.

How to practice meditation masturbation:

    1. Block a time in your day: You’ll want to plan your meditation masturbation on a day where you have 0 distractions and 0 responsibilities. Aim for the weekend as your brain recognizes that it’s the time to relax!
    2. Set the mood: Do whatever you have to do to get you in the mood to feel sexy. For me, the environment is everything. I like to burn palo santo and let the smoke fill the air to clear out any bad energy in the room. Also, I use essential oils to wake up my senses to relax and stay focused. Some of my favorite oils are eucalyptus and peppermint. MMMM!!
      Palo Santo

      Peppermint Essential Oil


  1. Get in a comfortable position: I suggest laying on your back with your knees bent. Either your feet on the bed or with your legs in butterfly position. Relax try not to tense up.
  2. Breathe: Before you do anything, practice focusing on your breathing. I like to breathe in for 4 secs and breathe out for 4secs. Continue to do this throughout your masturbation session. Check out Masturbation Tip: Breathe in and out.
  3. Set an intention: Set an intention for your masturbation session. Why are you doing this? An intention I like to set for myself is “ I am open to feeling” “I am open to letting go” “I am doing this for me” “I don’t need to cum, just relax.” I like to repeat my intentions while I masturbate especially when my mind starts to wander. 
  4. Touch yourself: Don’t rush this time for yourself. Explore each body part as if you were going on a date with them. Squeeze, rub, caress, play with the pressure. Get creative on how you touch yourself. Something that I enjoyed was squeezing my inner thighs with my hands while at the same time squeezing my legs together. TRY IT! Remember to breathe while you’re doing all of this! It’s easy to tense up especially when you start to feel something different. 
  5. Rock your hips: Don’t just lay there, move your hips! Move it in circles, up and down. Pretend you’re at a club grinding your butt on someone’s dick. Imagine your goal is to get the other person hard.
  6. Let go: Literally, let go! Feel and embrace the different sensations you’re feeling. Don’t stop at any point unless you’re hurting. Ya heard?! HURTING NOT PLEASURING!

The goal isn’t to orgasm but you probably will and trust me you will not be mad. I find that when I focus on my breathing while I masturbate, I cum a lot faster. I just can’t help it. So when you find that you’re cumming way sooner than you want to, slow it down. Take the sex toy away from you or lower the intensity. 

As you practice your breathing in your meditation session, you’ll be able to bring it to your partnered sex. Watch your time transform.

I hope this helps! If you decide to join the challenge #sexishchallenge

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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