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Honoring Betty Dodson

Happy Monday! It’s the month of March aka Women’s month! It’s the month to celebrate the contribution of women in history and contemporary society. In honor of women’s month, I will highlight a woman who I believe has had an impact on women’s rights, sex, relationships, etc weekly.

Today, I’m going to highlight Betty Dodson. Betty Dodson is the founder of the Betty Dodson method, an artist, an author and a PhD sexologist. She passed away in October 2020 but her work to helping women connect with their body, have solo orgasms, release shame, and promote self-love still continues till this day.

Betty became involved in the sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, she started her first workshop, Bodysex, where she would guide women for 2 hours through a masturbation session. This involved 15 women in a circle and a hitachi wand that she would provide. “Effective masturbation, she believed, was a form of liberation for women, a way for them to learn to prioritize their own sexual experience and reduce their dependence on men.”

Ms. Dodson at a sexuality conference in 1973.
“Ms. Dodson at a sexuality conference in 1973.Credit…Bettye Lane/Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University” Taken from the NY TIMES


Legacy Continues

Although she is no longer with us, her legacy continues with her business partner Carlin Ross who still continues to host Bodysex workshops via zoom. Live sessions will begin again in June 2023 with a retreat in the Catskills in NY for 3 days. Prices range from $2169 – $2586 USD. This retreat includes meals, a magic wand, and Betty’s Barbell.

Betty’s legacy also continues with people all over the world being able to become a certified Bodysex Leader. Which means people who are just as passionate about teaching self pleasure can do so in their own homes.


Even though I would’ve loved to do the workshop with Betty, the OG, I still look forward to attending one in the future (As soon as I can afford it). I am so curious what I can learn from different techniques and what masturbating with a group feels like. I imagine liberating and feeling no worries as no one there is there to judge. The only thing I’ve gotten close to that was attending a female sex club. It was then that I noticed how comfortable it feels to be in a room with only women and doing sexual things with compared to if a man was present. It’s a feeling that I appreciate.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve mastered my masturbation sessions but I am humbled immediately every single time I touch my pussy or try out a different sex toy. I am constantly discovering new ways to pleasure myself and I feel this workshop will give me another perspective of self-pleasure which I’m always open to.

I’m inspired by Betty’s passion to helping women discover orgasms on their own. It’s something that I wish to do myself. She has proved to all of us that although we as women are getting our power back, some of us still haven’t realized that orgasms are part of that power. We must work hard to teach and practice self-love as this is the only way to tapping into your sexual self.

Thank you Betty Dodson for starting this movement! Make sure to check out her website. She has more information on Bodysex and how to articles on masturbation/orgasms.

Stay Sexy & Curious!


Sex Tip Tuesday: Make Sure you are Turned On Before Masturbating

I’m back with a sex tip on Tuesday! I know I’ve been slacking a little with the posts but I’m here! I’m doing it!! I sound like Michael Kosta on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ” I’ve got a big tip for you!” and never gives a tip. Okay I digress.

So the sex tip for this Tuesday is to make sure you are turned on before trying to masturbate.

Turned on, horny, hot and bothered, whatever you want to call it, you need to prepare your body for sexy. I thought about this tip this weekend when I was trying to masturbate before going to bed to get tired. I think this is a better way to get sleepy instead of melatonin. Who doesn’t want a good orgasm before bed?

So I’m there laying in bed with my boyfriend who’s exhausted from all his man work during the day. Usually I’ll bug him to fuck me, but I decided I’d be nice that night and let him rest. This is never a problem with me because there’s nights where a good ol vibrator will do the job. Especially when there are times when I just want to cum and avoid all the extra sweat and having to wipe jizz off me.

I proceed to roll over and get my “go to” vibrator, the Satisfyer ( Use my code SEXISH for 10% off!) . I put it on my clit and it’s slightly uncomfortable at first. I figured it’s just the position so I move it around to get it to where it feels just right.

Finally, I get it right and I’m laying there waiting to cum. I’m doing everything to speed up the process. I’m thrusting my hips, I’m shaking the vibrator, I’m increasing the intensity and nothing. I can’t get myself to cum. It’s been 10 minutes and I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with my Satisfyer!

After attempting to cum, I turn off my vibrator and take a beat. I try to think about all the sexy images that are in my head. That includes times when my boyfriend has made me cum hard, sexy porn clips that I masturbated to, sexy people I’ve seen on the streets, hot sex scenes, and even my boyfriends sexy ass body next to mine.

Once I’ve got a moment in my head, I close my eyes and try to remember every detail. The smell, how it felt, what I saw, the taste. I would suggest thinking about one moment at a time as several moments can turn into a cluster fuck which is the not as sexy as it sounds.

Once I felt like I was in the moment, I started to touch myself. From my inner thighs, to my stomach then to my breasts. I started to squeeze my nipples as if it were my boyfriend doing it. That’s when I grabbed my Satisfyer and went to work. Luckily, my boyfriend’s body was there to touch as I played with myself which helped me cum so much faster. Oh my goodness it was perfect!

I ended up falling asleep with my vibrator in my hand and let’s just say I’m glad I let my boyfriend rest that night because he had all the energy the next morning!

So, the next time you masturbate and you find yourself having a hard time cumming, try taking a beat and make sure you are horny first. Unlike men who just need a hard dick to cum, we need to be in the right head space. Our mind and our body have to be in sync.

If you find yourself having a hard time coming up with something visual in your head, put on porn! There’s porn for everyone!

I hope this helps you the next time you masturbate!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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