How To get Ready for Sex in less than 15 Minutes

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re chillin at home with your bun up, in sweatpants and you’re still in the underwear you had on from last night then you get a sexy text from the person you’re fucking. Or, you’re at a bar and you meet someone at happy hour and they’re making you drip and they want to take you home. Whether it’s your fuck buddy, your boyfriend or someone you just met and they’re telling you they want to eat your pussy so good and they’re on their way while you’re in this predicament, you need to prepare quick!

Luckily my hoe days have prepared me for any situation where I only have at most 15 minutes to get ready. You don’t need to shower, you don’t need to go to the salon, you just need a couple of things that I bet you already have in your makeup bag. If not, a simple target run can fix that.

So you get the “I’m on my way” text. Don’t panic, just head to the bathroom. Everything you need is in there.

Wash your punani

If a shower is not possible, get yourself a washcloth and wet it with warm water and soap. Make sure to ring out all the soap from the washcloth so that it doesn’t mess with your PH balance.

Give your punani a good wash. Get in the folds of your labia and don’t forget to get in the fold of your clit to clean the smega out. Smega”Smegma is a combination of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. “ It’s basically the equivalence to what collects under an uncircumcised dick. I know the word sounds gross but hey, we have it and we need to clean it. To clean this, just lift the hood of your clit and rub your clit gently.

Your booty is important too! Get in that bootyhole.

If you don’t have a washcloth use wipes! You can always carry this in your purse for emergencies. They work just as good.

Also, don’t forget to wear perfume!

Use powdered/cream makeup

When you’re in a rush, a full makeup beat is not possible and also not necessary. You’re mostly likely going to get your brains blown out with good dick and trust me, your highlight and contour won’t matter. And let’s be real, the makeup is not for the man. If anything, they could care less how you look as long as your pussy is working. But because we as women want to look “put together,” you can still do that with light and easy makeup.

I suggest using powder or cream makeup since they’re the easiest to apply.

I love using Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Face Powder by MAC with a big fluffy brush. Using a fluffy brush will give you a translucent to light coverage which is all you need to looking fresh.


Photo from Sephora


Using the same brush from your foundation, sweep on blush on your cheeks. I use ORGASM from NARS which is universally beautiful on everyone. I love this blush since it already has sparkles which is basically a blush and highlighter at one! 2 in 1s are helpful in these situations.

Photo from Sephora



I love keeping this in my bag just incase I forget the rest of my makeup. It’s a Lip and Cheek stick so give it a swipe wherever you need it and then you’re done.

Photo from Ulta



This is a must have!!! I don’t leave the house without this. This is the final step to everything. Spray this on your face after your apply your makeup and watch your makeup become skin. It’s like water for your skin!

Even if you don’t put makeup on and you apply this alone, you’re face will thank you!

Photo from Ulta




If your fuck buddy caught you at a time with “dirty hair” because you were waiting for next week to wash your hair, don’t worry, dry shampoo to the rescue! Dry shampoo can do wonders for your hair. There are times where I’m even surprised how good my hair turns out. It’s like when I think I have no more hairstyles, dry shampoo does something different.

Dry shampoo absorbs the dirt, oil and grease from your hair without washing it.

I use this from Bumble and bumle.

I love putting this in my hair even if it’s just a bun. It’ll make a messy bun look intentional.


Once you’ve got the appearance all set, it’s time to stretch and get your body ready. Before getting dressed, do some stretches. Just like you should warm up for a workout, it doesn’t hurt to warm up before fucking! I love doing poses that open up my hips and hamstrings. Some of my favorite poses to get into are sleeping pigeon, butterfly pose, lunge to an easy twist, lizard, downward dog , cat and cow.

Have fun

Remember, have fun! Appearance isn’t everything but it is proven when we feel good we perform better. So do what you have to do to get your sexy on! :*

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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