An Unsexy Start to the New Year but at least I have a New Sex Toy to look forward to

Happy New Year! We made it! I hope everyone had a great New Year. I spent the last week of the year in bed thanks to the FLU (Still recovering). I think this might be my last year I go back for the Holidays in New York. It seems like every time we visit, we end up getting sick or with COVID. And not to sound like a COVID hater, but why are people still talking about COVID?

The entire time I was sick, all I heard was Covid this, Covid that, get tested for Covid. I get you can still get COVID but, it seems like everyone has forgotten about the other sicknesses. Like the cold, the flu, your regular itchy throat. Everyone just calm down! I’ve been sick before and I’m going to get through it just like every other times. It’s also going to suck like the other times but that is life! Now, give me some orange juice, water, and Nyquil. Then, leave me alone.

My fun week in New York ended up terribly lonely and unsexy. I couldn’t meet up with my best friend, I couldn’t see my grandparents, I couldn’t see my little cousins and worst of all, I couldn’t workout! I haven’t worked out in a week!!! My butt is literally deflating in front of me! SIGH!! I literally stayed in bed weak as fuck attempting to be productive.

Note to self: when you’re sick, just be sick. You’re not going to be a better person if you do something while you are sick.

That’s something I want to work on in 2023. Just letting things be and sitting with it. That goes with my feelings, silence, and the uncomfortable. I just want to experience it all.

My boyfriend was sick too so we ended up celebrating New Years Eve eating chicken noodle soup and watching Zootopia. Also, was it just in Chicago or did it feel like no one had the energy to celebrate the end of the year? I didn’t see any New Year decorations anywhere. Oh and don’t get me started on the local news celebration out here. It was whack whack whack! No one was jumping or looked excited. It was no NYC ball drop lol. I’m biased!

But I don’t even think New Years in NYC was as good as every other year. I heard there was even an alcohol band on CNN. That’s dumb! Who chooses to celebrate NYE sober? I was sick so I had an excuse.

Because we had no New Year decorations, I made some. Do not judge me! I was working with what I had which was cardboard boxes from presents and gift bags. I’m proud of what I came up considering I was sick.

Okay let me not be such a negative Nancy. Besides having the Flu, I had a wonderful Christmas! I love being around family and watching everyone open their presents. I especially enjoyed opening my presents :P. I can’t believe as an adult I still get presents- really good ones too.

Also in sex news, I had some great welcome home sex back. I thought since I was sick I wouldn’t be able to cum but wow, it’s always the times you least expect it when you cum your hardest. It didn’t matter that I had no taste or no smell, I still came and it was soo good. My boyfriend was so proud of me. The wasn’t going to stop me from getting dick, nope!

While I want to keep this post short since I am still sick, I want to give you something to look forward to. New Sex Toy Alert!!


It’s Cato from VIVE

I’ve never used a rabbit toy before so I’m interested if this actually works. For some reason I’ve always been skeptical using a rabbit vibrator. Something about the bunny ears don’t look like they would do the job. But I’m so ready to find out!

I hope everyone had a safe holiday. It’s 2023, let’s get it!! This is the year!! I can just feel it!

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