Sacred Squirter by Yoni Palace Review

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for, or not but I have, is finally The Sacred Squirter by Yoni Palace review. I briefly talked about the unboxing of the toy and how I came to find it back in May.


– I found this toy browsing on Instagram

– The founder of Yoni Palace is HOT, (Rosie Rees)

– The name of the toy sold me

– This product came from Australia


Yoni Pleasure Palace is a luxurious online retailer of pleasure wands, yoni eggs, waterproof sex blankets and feminine wellness products.

Their mission is to help women strengthen their pelvic floors in order to “inspire women to slow down (and squirt!).”


The Sacred Squirter is a tongue shaped glass dildo. It’s curves and bumps are designed to help vagina owners hit their G-spot. The dildo is hand blown and made with borosilicate glass. Think beakers, flasks and other glass materials used in a laboratory. This means that it is temperature responsive in which the toy will not shatter under extreme heat or extreme cold aka perfect for TEMPERATURE PLAY.

First Impression:

Opening the package to my Sacred Squirter, I immediately felt like my chakras were jumping with excitement. It felt and looked sacred.

Once I got over how beautiful it was and started to think about using it, I was a little intimidated by the glass, the shape, and the ridges. Before the Sacred Squirter, I had never used a glass dildo before. If anything, I was just getting comfortable playing with my dildos. But if I learned anything from my dildo experience, it’s all about quality that makes a toy worth it which is what I felt immediately when I held it in my hands. I had bought the Sacred Squirter for $94 at the time which now has dropped to $69! Still pricey but quality is expected with that price.

The shape didn’t scare me so much more than turn me on. If you can use your imagination and picture your partner or someone you think is hot with that tongue, urgh you’d melt! I don’t know about you but I would be very eager to find out what that mouth can do.

As for the ridges, I was a little skeptical. I’ve had toys where it came with different texture heads and never found them useful or pleasurable.


After a month of having it, I decided to finally give it a try. I knew when I was ready to try the toy, I wanted to be intentional with it. That meant doing it when I was in an exploring type of mood. I think when it comes to squirting there are two things that are a must to achieve it. One, your mind and how relaxed it is. If your mind is on what class you’re going to take on classpass the next day, you’ll never get there. Second, is giving yourself permission to let go. That means losing control and having 0 expectations of what is to come (pun intended). Be open to squirting and be open to failing. Just tell yourself whatever happens it’s going to be okay.

DUN DUN DUNN (I tried it!)

Okay, it’s time. I’m horny. I’m in an exploring type of mood. I’m alone in the apartment. The moment is perfect.

I get everything I need to prepare for this moment. I have my Sacred Squirter, I have my Satisfyer pro (just incase I need assistance), a towel, laptop, and LUBE!

First, I put on porn I like. Then I used my hands to start to teasing myself. I caress my thighs, my stomach, my boobs, and then lightly around my pussy. As soon as I started to feel myself getting wet, I grabbed my Sacred Squirter and started rubbing it against my pussy. Up and down, side to side. Already, I’m feeling a sensation that I’ve never felt before. I’ve used vibrators and dildos to rub my pussy with in the past but this felt different. It was a combination of how heavy the glass was, the ridges and the temperature of the glass. It slid around my pussy effortlessly.

URGH! If that’s how it felt outside of my pussy I couldn’t wait to feel it inside. When I first put it in, the feeling was almost too intense and it was probably because my G-spot was gorging from just the rubbing.

I had to slow it down. I found that taking my time with it was more pleasurable than jamming it in as I would normally do with a dildo. The ridges and the shape of the dildo was hitting the spot perfectly. It was surprisingly very comfortable as most G-spot toys aren’t for me.

Every second of the experience was exhilarating. One of my favorite parts of the toy is that there is an indent in the middle of the tongue where you can see your squirt piling.

Let’s be real, not all of us is a “squirter” where we pee out a fountain. Some of us are gushers where your cum squeeze out like the candy fruit gushers. However you end up cuming, I’m sure you will be able to see your results on the toy. And if you’re anything like me you like to see your hard work.

Did I squirt?

I’ve never been a squirter. All of the guys that I’ve been with have always said something similar whenever I came which was ” a liquid poured out/gushed out.” So I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get my pornstar squirt moment. But I am not going to let that bring me down. I will try and try until I get it which is not the worst thing to keep on attempting.

How to use it?

There is no right or wrong way to use this toy. I’ve used this toy alone and with my partner. There is no experience that is better than the other in my opinion. I both love to masturbate alone and with my partner.

I do bring this out on more sensual moments as I do not want to drop this toy because crazy can get too crazy sometimes.

Is this for you?

If you are curious about squirting, this toy is for you. I feel that everything about the structure of this glass dildo helps you in achieving that. Also, if you don’t own a glass toy , I suggest that you give it a try. You’ll be surprised with the different sensations you feel versus what you feel from any other toy.

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Glass Toy alternatives

While there are plenty of glass toy alternatives it is important that you do your own research on them. You want to make sure that you are getting your toys from a trusted company and that they are using body safe materials. So be careful when choosing toys that are “cheap.”

I hope this review was helpful! I really enjoyed and still am enjoying this toy till this day. Man, I might have to use it after I get off here. I’m all hot and bothered from my own review! 😂

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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