Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

I can not believe Christmas is literally next week! I don’t even feel like doing any “end of the year” things because the last time I celebrated the end of the year, we ended up in a pandemic for two year. TWO FREAKING YEARS. No, thank you. I’ll just wait and see what happens.

However, the end of the year is separate from Christmas, okay? I love Christmas! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and it’s not because I still make a Christmas list to send out to my family so I can get everything that I want… But it’s because I love watching people open their presents. Especially the kids! I will forever know their pain when they unwrap a present and it’s a box with clothes in it. *throws to the side* NEXT!

While Christmas is not all about gift giving, it’s a great gesture to show your appreciation for them. Even if it’s as small as a stocking stuffer. It’s the thought that matters and I’m learning that saying is really true. So for you late Christmas shoppers who need last minute gift ideas to give to your sexy person, either your partner, friend, mother, sister, your neighbor, I gotchu! Hurry now, as there are plenty of Holiday sale going on!

Last Minute Christmas Gift ideas


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These are the perfect stocking stuffers to end Christmas night in a jolly way. These pasties are wrinkle resistant, waterproof and hypoallergenic. These are also perfect for any occasion if you decide not to use it for Christmas. Think, birthday, Valentines day, anniversary or any day where your present is enough. And let’s face it, that’s everyday. Use my code SEXISH to get 10% off off.

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Le Wand Vibrating Necklace $100

Every time I pass through this at a store or online, I always tell myself I’m going to get this. Hopefully I’ll get this as a gift this year 😉 . I’m putting that out there. I love love this. It’s a vibrating necklace but look how discreet it is! No one will ever know what your bathroom break really means. This comes in four colors, silver, rose gold, black and gold. Getting jewelry is already hard enough to get for a woman but this is so simple that it will look amazing on anyone!




TENGA Spinner Beads $27

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Tenga products like the eggs or this one is great for a stocking stuffer for your boyfriend. If he’s not big on toys or didn’t even know there were toys for men, he’ll be excited to try this one.

I just saw the idea of putting the eggs as an ornament for your tree and I love that!!






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Bejeweled Butt Plug $26.99

Okay rule of thumb, anything with a shine or sparkle is a yes for a Christmas gift! Butt plugs are not only great stocking stuffers but also a great way to break it to your partner that you want to try some butt stuff. Who doesn’t want something shiny in their bootyhole?! I know I do!!!

These also come in tons of colors so you can pick one that is perfect for your partner or you.




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Lovehoney X We-Vibe Sweet Seduction Couple’s Sex Toy Gift Set $120

I love gift sets! You get so much for what you pay for. I especially love gifts that are couple friendly so that you can explore each other sexually on another level. So if you’re having a hard time finding something, just look for presents where both of you can have fun.







Sexy Ashtray $40

Sexy presents don’t always mean a sex toy has to be involved. Sexy can even show itself in home items. If your partner is a smoker, something like an ashtray that is out of the ordinary would be the perfect gift!

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Body Shaped Candles $22

If you can support a small business this Christmas, you definitely should! Etsy has so many items that you would never find in stores made by real creatives. Like this Dalmatian candle shaped like a body. How sexy? A great gift for women who are into aesthetics.

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Uberrime Rosae Rose Silicone Grinding Toy

If the person you are buying for is a beginner in their masturbation journey, try giving them a grinding toy. This is great for people who are intimidated by vibrators, suction toys, and dildos. They’re so pretty and delicate looking.

If the person you know isn’t into delicate and pretty, there are also options out there with dragon tongues!

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Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

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You know whats more sexy than being physically sexy? Being mentally and emotionally stable! When I say stable, I mean, someone who is present and aware of their emotions. No one is “stable” but there is a difference between people who react and respond. This book right here is my bible to life! I recommend this book to everyone because it changed my outlook on life.

I am more happy and more aware of what is love and what is fear.

I think sharing this new perspective in life is a gift itself. So, if not a book for your person, gift yourself this. You deserve this too!


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Gift Card

Gift cards may not be the most thoughtful gift but if this is last minute, a gift card will do. Put the gift card in their stocking, in their Christmas Card, or even hang it on the tree to make it look cute!

Some places even have digital gift cards so maybe you can even surprise them with an email. Make sure to let them know that it is not a spam and that yes, you are giving them a gift card to buy sex toys.




– anything from LELO

– Glass dildo

Satisfyer Pro 2

Inya the Rose

Mini Magic Wand

Double ended dildo

– Lingerie from Kiki De Montparnasse

Edible body paint

Butt plug

I hope everyone has the best holidays! Let me know down in the comments or in my DMs what gifts you ended up buying for your sexy person!

Stay Sexy & Curious

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Disclaimer: Many of the links provided are affiliate links which means that I may get commission if you purchase something using the link on my website. (Thank you in advance) This is at no cost to you at all. I only share things that I believe would help one in their sexual journey. All my opinions and advice are my own. I am not a doctor or therapist so if you have any real life concerning questions, I am not the one.

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