New Toy Alert: The Sacred Squirter

The Sacred Squirter by Yoni Pleasure Palace

The Sacred Squirter! It came all the way from Australia and it’s finally here! I first saw this on Instagram after following Rosie Rees, the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace. I started following her because of her sexy energy and because I thought she was hot. No shame. This eventually led me to follow her business, Yoni Pleasure Palace.

I saw this toy on her Instagram and immediately fell in love with it. I loved that it looked like a tentacle and I loved the name of it even more, “The Sacred Squirter.” I figured if I was going to go on a Squirting adventure, this was going to help with that. I mean it has the word squirt in it, so it HAS to work right?!

The box included a brochure, a thank you card, and of course the Sacred Squirter with a cute little YONI pouch to store it in.

According to its website, it’s made out of the highest quality , hand blow, annealed, borosilicate glass. It’s also temperature responsive which means you can play with it cold or warm.

I love the color of it! It looks so sexy and luxurious. It’s even pretty enough to leave it on your bedside on display. But if you’re clumsy like me, I’d avoid high surfaces to prevent it from shattering.

I haven’t used a glass dildo before so this should be interesting.

I’ve never squirted although my partner says I have. Even if I did, it’s not how I want my squirting experience to be like. When I think of squirting, I think of a pipe burst with water going all over the place. I know not everyone is capable of squirting like that but, I am determined I can. Hopefully with the help of this toy I can achieve that dream.

Stay tuned for the actual review!

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