How to Keep your Long Distance Relationship Spicy

How to keep Your Long distance relationship Spicy

Although my boyfriend and I live together there are times where we are apart for a couple of weeks due to me visiting my family back in New York. Not only does the distance make the heart grow fonder but our sex drive also grows fonder. All of a sudden when we’re apart, everything reminds me of his sexy body and his sexy dick.

For some, long distance for a relationship can be scary especially if it’s a new relationship. In the beginning, I had all these worries that he’d forget about me and he wouldn’t be thinking about me while he lived his separate busy life. It wasn’t until we started to do things to keep the flame going even from a far. Suddenly, that worry is nonexistent. Our relationship has grown stronger from being a part and reuniting in person feels so much better.

Making an effort doesn’t have to feel like a drag, it can be fun and sexy! Here are 10 things to do with your partner to keep things sexy from a far.

– Send Good Morning texts

Good Morning texts are the best. It shows your partner you’re thinking about them as soon as you get up. If you know your man loves to masturbate in the morning, send him a dirty text hoping that he gets a great nut in before he starts his day. If he doesn’t masturbate, give him a reason to. He’ll love that you care about his sexual needs.

– Let him know you’re thinking about him

I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend so even when we’re apart I’m still reminded of him in everything I do. Either it be the food I’m eating, something I see on TV, or just a random memory of him pops up. If it makes me laugh to myself, I love texting or calling him to let him know what did that. My partner loves to know I’m thinking about him even on my busiest days. The next time you see that thing that made you smile, let him know!

-Movie night

If you and your partner watch movies regularly, that doesn’t have to stop just because you guys are far from each other. There’s plenty of streaming services where you can share a link with your partner and watch a movie at the same time in real time! The next time you do movie night, set your Facetime call somewhere so that your partner can see you. Then place it on mute. Now you can watch a movie together and still see your partners reaction. It’s the next best thing to watching a movie together in person.

-Start a challenge

Distance is great for the relationship because it gives you time to reflect on yourself and remind you that you still have a life without your partner. It’s great to have goals with each other but having a strong foundation with yourself is crucial to a successful relationship. To show that you can be successful without your partner, start a challenge with each other. For example, it could be a fitness challenge. Challenge each other on who’s going to be more fit the next time you see each other. This will force you to focus on yourself and make sure you win!

-Use long distance sex toys

YES, there are long distance sex toys! It’s not like Player One technology where you’ll be able to feel every touch of his but it’s better than nothing. Make phone sex more intense with sex toys you and your partner can control with an app. The idea of your partner controlling your pleasure plays with the sub/dom dynamic which can be real sexy. Using long distance toys allows you to still feel connected with your partner even when you’re far apart.

Moxie by We- Vibe App Controlled (Use code SEXISH for 10% off)
Lovense is known for its app controlled sex toys that works for long distance relationships
We-Vibe Ditto I love We-Vibe toys because you can connect it to your music so that the vibrations vibrate to the beat

-Clone a Willy

Do you love your partner’s dick so much you wish you could take it everywhere? Well, Clone a Willy just made that possible! With Clone a Willy, you’re able to get all your favorite details on his dick on to your dildo. Take it everywhere you go, just make sure to hide it from the kids when visiting family.

– Try a Phone call instead

Remember how good 2 hour phone calls made you feel? Do that again!

Whenever I want to have a long conversation, I’ll do a phone call instead of a Facetime call. Sometimes when I’m on Facetime, I get distracted by how I look instead of focusing on what he’s saying. Giving him all your attention will make him feel special. Also, phone calls are just so much more romantic and I’m a sucker for romance.

– Think of ways you can surprise him for when you see him next

It’s finally the day you’re going to see each other. While you are enough, getting something extra will be even better. I love surprising my man with something when I see him. Either it be a food that he’s been craving or surprising him with something I saw that reminded me of him. Before seeing him, let him know you have a surprise. This will have him anticipating you even more.

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As you can see there are plenty of things you can do to keep your long distance relationship interesting and spicy. Don’t let the distance thing be a reason why you shouldn’t be with someone that could potentially be your one. As long as you both want it to work, there will be nothing that will get in the way of it!

I hope this helps on your current or next long distance relationship. Let me know if you do anything else to keep your relationship spicy!

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