Sexish: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

What what when where why Sexish

Who is Sexish? What is Sexish? Where is Sexish? When is Sexish? & Why Sexish?

All great and valid questions. I’d have the same questions if I saw an Asian woman playing with dildos and talking about sex, too.

This post will be dedicated to answering all those questions so that you have a better idea of what Sexish is and why you should be following me.

Who is Sexish?

Is Sexish a person? Is Sexish your mom? Is Sexish your neighbor? Is Sexish your friend? Yes, to all of the above. It is every human being!

“Sex-ish”, sex being the umbrella for sexuality, sexual activities, sexual attraction, etc and “ish” meaning “somewhat”, is to show that we all have a sexy side to ourselves whether we are discovering it or fully embracing it.

Sexish is for

– Anyone who is 18 yo and older who wants to explore sexuality for themselves because they don’t think they got the proper education on it.

– It’s for anyone who saw feet and their dick got hard.

– It’s for anyone who touched their clit and is wondering what else can make them feel good.

– It’s for anyone who wants to feel more confident in their sex life and their personal life.

– It’s for the curious mind who wants to reclaim their power through their sexuality and through their erotic.

– Anyone who loves sex toys, sex tips, & everything sex related!

What is Sexish?

Sexish is a platform to help people embrace their sexuality and curiosities with articles on sex tips, sex toy reviews, sex inspiration and more. While you are on my blog or my instagram, be open-minded. Talk about what sparked your interest with your partner, your friends, or the next person you meet at the bar. My platform is to normalize the conversation on sexuality.

Sexish is also an event where one can feel free to be curious and learn more about themselves through entertainment and education. At my events, expect to unleash the sexy side of you that’s been dying to come out!

When is Sexish?

If Sexish is you, Sexish is happening every single second of the day! It’s your sexual journey and it’s up to you when you want to start it. The earlier you start the faster you are to live a fulfilling life.

Where is Sexish?

You can find Sexish on and on Instagram @sexishh. As for the events, a Chicago event will be coming soon.

Why Sexish?

I’m here because I know what it feels like to be deprived of your sexiness, your erotic, and your desires. I know what it can do to you in your personal life and your sex life.

It’s difficult to speak up about what you want in bed especially if you’re not used to hearing the women around you speak up about it themselves. I’m tired of hearing women complain about their sex life and saying they just take it when their partner does something they don’t enjoy. NO! This is the 21st century. We have rights, we have ambitions and we have power! I’m here to help you reclaim that power of figuring out what feels good for you rather than what society says should feel good for you.

I know what works for me doesn’t work for everyone but, if it gets your juices flowing and you’re wondering how it would look in your own life, that’s good enough for me. It shows me that you want to have a fulfilling life and you’ll try anything to find out what works for you.

Stay Sexy & Curious!

Instagram: @sexishh

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