How to Make your Man feel Attractive

Feeling sexy before, during and after sex is a must if you want to get full pleasure from any sex act you’re doing. In a partnership, it’s not enough that we feel sexy on our own. I believe when everyone in the relationship feels sexy, the sexier the sex will be.

Often when we think of sexy in the bedroom, we think of women. We put on lingerie to accentuate our bodies, we put on makeup to accentuate our face, man, we’ll even get a whole haircut to feel sexy. In other words, we put in the effort to look sexy while it feels like men just show up. Whether it’s toxic masculinity or not enough men speaking up about it, men do want to feel sexy and attractive, too.

If you’ve ever been on a team or if you’ve ever been cheered on before, you know the cheers make you perform better. You start to believe in yourself and then you go above and beyond to prove that you can do it. This is the same in a relationship. When we uplift each other in a relationship, the relationship gets stronger. Instead of acting like it’s all about one person, we’re now acting like a team.

It’s not easy for men to be vulnerable with us. It takes a lot of courage from them. We don’t even see men being the main focus in porn. I hope to see more porn like this to show that men can be sexy too! The only porn I have seen done that is “Seehimfuck.” Check it out if you want to see something different.

If we begin to make our man feel as sexy as they make us, it can open the doors for him to be more vulnerable, curious and be their truest sexiest self with us. They might even let us lick their booty hole! Let the fun begin!

On a daily, we should be making an effort to making our man feel as sexy as they make us. We should be uplifting each other. Whether it’s in bed, when we’re out for lunch, or if they’re jerking off. If you’re looking to have a stronger and healthier intimate relationship with your partner, start here.

How to Make your Man feel Sexy

– Don’t be upset when other women are checking your man out

Often we’ll see our man get checked out by other women and be upset. Instead of feeling jealousy, feel proud people are checking him out. You’re standing next to a beautiful person and it’s normal for people to look at beautiful people. I don’t know about you but I rather have a partner people check out vs no one checking them out.

– Turn their insecurities around

When we get into a relationship, it’s more than likely they’ve done something with their previous partner that they were shamed for. It could be for watching porn, showing off too much skin, or not being able to be themselves. Instead of shaming them, turn their insecurities to positives. Embrace that part of them. Let them know that you love them no matter what they’re into.

– Tell them how much they turn you on at random moments

Doesn’t matter where you are, tell them how much they turn you on at the most random moments. It could be as soon as they walk through the door, when they’re taking a shower, when they’re taking a shit. The more random the moment, the more sweeter it will be!

-Touch/grab your favorite body part of theirs

While you guys are chilling, try caressing his chest or rub his dick while you tell him that it’s your favorite body part of his. He’ll be sure to always come out confidently the next time he shows that part of himself.

– Look at him with those sexy eyes

Sometimes silence does speak louder than words. Staring at your mans eyes while thinking about all of the things you want to do to him can even be sexier than saying it. Randomly stare and admire him.

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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