How to give your Woman the Best Oral Sex

What I mean by giving head: When your mouth is physically on a pussy.

If you’ve experienced the come hither motion from your woman and you’re not the one doing it in her pussy, then this is for you. If your woman is telling you to come up in the middle of the head, especially if you were only down there for a couple of minutes, you might be doing something wrong. I know when head is bomb! Your woman should be begging you to keep on going, not asking you to stop.

Women are more complicated than men when it comes to pleasure.

For us, we need to be physically and mentally aroused to achieve an orgasm.

We women are tired of people who go down on us and go straight to the clit. We women need to speak more about this. We need to share what feels good to us so that we can stop this nonsense where we don’t cum from getting head.

After I’m done with you, the only reason why she’ll be asking you to come up is because she won’t be able to resist you and your dick. Here are techniques to give your woman the best head of her life.

Take Your Time. Like I said, women must be mentally aroused to achieve an orgasm. If you’re in a rush, save this for later. A fast motor boat lick won’t do it no matter how big or long your tongue is. TIP: The best time is when you’re in your comfy clothes that’s easy to get out of.

Don’t Forget About the Erogenous Zones. For women, the erogenous zones are the mouth, the back of the neck, the nipple/ breast, inner thighs, and the ears. TIP: Try using the tip of your tongue when you’re in her erogenous zones. Then pretend you’re sensually making out with them. Get passionate and close your eyes.

Tease. Teasing is always fun when you’re trying to get someone in the mood. As much as you want to go straight to the clit, don’t. Wait for it. Try touching everything but her clit so that it’s screaming to be touched. TIP: Kiss and massage the inner thighs and include soft breaths along her pussy lips.

Edging. Edging is a technique where you sexually stimulate someone right until ejaculation with an abrupt stop before beginning again. Edging is practiced for better orgasms as well as a treatment for premature ejaculation. This can also work on a woman. TIP: Pay attention to her body language. When you feel she is about to cum, either slow down your tongue or remove your mouth completely off her pussy. She’ll be begging you to keep on going!

Touch the pussy. Take your hands and make a big circle and place it on her pussy area. That is the surface area you want to cover. Don’t be afraid of the pussy lips, the pubic area and even her bootyhole. Touch it, suck it, & lick it! TIP: If you see her pussy dripping, slowly put a finger in. Watch her body language to see if you can add more. Use your fingers as if it were curious itself. Pretend your fingers are entering this tight wet cave for the first time. Do this seductively. Another tip! Try rubbing her pubic area with a light pressure while you are licking her pussy.

Tongue. Just because you have a big or long tongue does not mean you give good head. So… for those of you flicking your tongue trying to seduce us, please stop. We are making fun of you at brunch. Instead, focus on being creative with your tongue. Make each lick purposeful. Add pressure to your licks and use the tip of your tongue often. Start off slow going in circles and then lick like you’re trying to finish a melting ice cream cone. Don’t get me wrong, going crazy with your tongue is great but save that for when the pussy is aroused. TIP: Fuck her pussy with your tongue like you would with your dick! Ladies, don’t be afraid to grab their head and make them do it. ( With their consent of course.)

DEEP THROAT. Yes, I said deep throat. Hear me out. I know you can’t actually deep throat a pussy BUT you can do all of the actions and make the sounds that are associated with deep throating. Think about why men like to hear the gagging noise when someone is sucking their dick. It’s for their ego. It works the same for us. This is something that I’ve discovered recently that I absolutely love to hear! This noise drives me wild! So give it a try! TIP: When you are going hard eating her out and she is close to climaxing, FUCK her pussy with your face. Grab her thighs and put your face in it while making gagging noises. If gagging noises sound too advanced, try making your licks and sucks louder.

Feel your Sexiest. You have a sexy side and that’s why you support Sexish. Now, bring out the sexiest YOU when you’re eating your partner out. However that looks to you, feel it and be it! Just like you can tell if someone is not into sucking your dick, we also can tell!! TIP: Just like your woman’s body needs to be aroused before sex, yours does too. Play with your nipples and figure out what feels good. Touch them like no one is watching.

Practice. Practice practice practice!! You only get better at something when you practice. The more you know how your partner’s body works, the easier it will to please her. TIP: COMMUNICATE! If you feel you’re not satisfying your partner to the fullest, ask them what they like.

Every body is different which means not all of the techniques mentioned will work on everyone. With that being said, it won’t hurt to try them. Let me know if you have your own tips that make your partner go WILD! Comment here or shoot me a DM on Instagram @sexishh.

Stay Sexy and Curious!

*I don’t have a medical background. All my opinions are mine.”

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