Masturbation Tip: Masturbate with your Partner

It’s still May which means I’m back with another masturbation tip. Today’s tip is to masturbate with your partner. If you’re looking for a way to have a more intimate relationship, including your partner in your masturbation session might do that. I love including my partner in the things that I love doing. It gives him a chance to see me in another light, a sexier light.

When we’re alone masturbating, we let go and we’re in a vulnerable state. Think about the last time you were vulnerable and you let your partner in. I bet it felt so good to just be yourself. You even probably ended up being much closer emotionally. Masturbating together can do the same.

When you’re alone, it’s easier to be your sexiest self. No one is there to judge you and tell you you’re doing something wrong. So it’s important you do this with someone you really trust. You’re allowing someone to be in your vulnerable space and they should be deserving of it.


Bring this topic up with your partner. Let them know you want to try something new and how you think it will bring you guys closer.

Put on something sexy to watch together. Make this part fun by looking for the perfect porn to watch together. You never want your partner to feel like what you’re watching is one sided. This can hurt their feelings and do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Once you start to feel sexy, start to masturbate. If this is your first time, it will feel a little awkward. Don’t worry, just breathe. At first, try to pretend your partner isn’t there to get comfortable with the fact someone else is in the room with you.

– As you start to get comfortable and you’re both masturbating in your own worlds, often glance at each other. Admire how sexy your partner looks. Be so grateful that your partner is able to be their sexiest self with you.

Use this opportunity to be aware of how your partner pleasures themselves. Take note so that you can do this to them the next time you have sex. I love it whenever I can feel the same feelings when I masturbate during sex. Masturbating feels so good sometimes that it feels like no one else can make you feel the same way.

Masturbating with your partner is a great way to get closer with each other sexually. It opens the doors to other sexual discoveries. It helps you build a stronger relationship, discover new ways to pleasure each other, and it also makes for an intense foreplay. As you watch your partner feel sexier and sexier, the more you’ll want to hop on them and hump their brains out.

The next time you want to add spice to the bedroom, try to bring this up with your partner. You’ll be surprised with the feelings that come up when you bring someone into your space.

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