How to Prepare for Anal Sex

My favorite topic! I just love the idea of people enjoying anal sex as much as me. I feel once we get the proper education on how to prepare for it and we get more butt advocates out here , it will be a regular act that we all do. Then we can all be happy human beings living our best lives. (IMO)

Lucky for you if you have a booty hole, this is for you. Our booty hole is loaded with all types of sensitive nerve endings which can stimulate even your genitals.

According to Healthline, for cisgender men “anal sex can stimulate the prostate and lead to an orgasm. Prostate orgasms are intense enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure from head to toe.” As for women, anal sex can hit two of our hot spots, the G-spot and A- spot! These are located along the vaginal wall which can be easily targeted through anal sex according to Healthline.

If you are a cisgender man who wants to try anal sex but are too worried that it’s a “gay” thing, I would try to look at it as part of your self exploration journey with your partner. Remember your partner is the one doing it. The same partner who you share your secrets with. The same partner you have sex with. Look at it as trying something new!

Let’s get started:

Talk to your partner: Before doing anal with your partner I suggest talking about how you want your anal experience to be like. For example, for the person giving, it might be temping for them to just “stick it in.” Make sure to tell your partner to go in slow and to watch your body language to gauge how you feel. This would also be a good time to come up with safe words if things start to get uncomfortable. The more specific your rules are, the more fun it will be since you know what to expect.

Cleaning: Call me weird, but my favorite part is cleaning the booty hole for anal. I feel turned on just knowing how impressed my partner is going to be when he sees his dick slide out clean every time. I feel like a porn star! Cleaning is key to a mess free session although there may be some accidents that we can’t always control. There are a couple of ways I like to clean my booty hole. If you have a new way you don’t see listed, please share!

  • Enema or Anal douche: An Enema is injecting liquid into your lower part of your large intestine so that releasing your bowel will release easily. There are plenty of enemas out there ranging from reusable to disposable ones. I like using Fleet which you can find in most drugstores to start out my cleaning process. I like that it contains a saline solution which makes me feel like I’m releasing more. WARNING: You will feel an uncomfortable cramp when it’s in you but that’s just the solution working. I’d talk to your doctor before using it if you have any questions. After I finish the saline in the bottle, I empty the remaining liquid and fill it with water. I’ll squirt water into my booty hole and release until the liquid is clear. Dispose the enema after using. If you want to avoid going to the store often, I recommend you get yourself a reusable enema. You can find these at any of your local sex shop in the anal section. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited for you to feel the satisfaction of watching clear water coming out of you.
Anal Douche
  • Bidet: If you have the luxury of having a bidet, this is a great way to clean yourself. To get the best cleaning from a bidet, after taking your first dump, while the bidet is spraying on your booty hole, push out as if you were taking a dump. Your booty hole will open up and the spray will act like a power wash. Spraying out the water is like doing an intense enema.
  • Water bottle: If you can’t get your hands on the things above, you can always use a water bottle. The best bottles to use are shaped like Poland Sprint bottles. The easier it is to squeeze the better the bottle. Make sure you clean the top of the bottle with water and soap if you’re using a used bottle. Fill the bottle with water and then sit on top of the toilet or get into the shower. You’re going to put the top of the bottle directly on your booty hole and then squeeze. Just like an enema, refill, squeeze and squirt until the water is clear.

Prepare to be Penetrated: Preparing your booty hole not only involves cleaning it but also preparing it to be penetrated. Most people think they can just take dick in the butt without letting their booty hole know that it is going to be penetrated by something big. This usually ends up being a painful session and it should not be painful. Luckily for you, there are anal starter kits that include butt plugs with different levels. When you’re looking for a butt plug, look for the ones with a base at the end. The base is there so that your booty hole doesn’t suck up the toy. As soon as something passes your outer sphincter, your booty hole starts to suck anything that goes in. With that being said, the base allows you to leave the toy in there without it moving. I like to leave it in for a couple of mins- hours to prepare for an anal session.

Fingers are also a great way to train your booty. Do this every now and then in the shower to train your booty hole for penetration.

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Make Sure you are Turned On: Without being turned on, you will have a hard time taking something up your booty hole. If you’re on your own, start playing with your booty hole by using your fingers. Before entering, massage around your booty hole. Tease it as if you were trying to get yourself wet. Doing this will relax the outer sphincter which will make things go into your booty easier.

If you’re with a partner, have your partner eat your booty out like groceries. Make sure to suck, spit, and lick in and out of the booty with your tongue.

I hope these tips help you on your next anal session! Remember to stay curious!

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Stay Sexy & Curious!

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