Most sex toys are focused on one part of the body. There’s dildos for penetration, vibrators for your clit, cock rings for your cock, butt plugs for your butthole (although they are great to put in your pussy too!), etc. I’m not saying there’s no toys that do more than that because let’s not forget the famous rabbit vibrator. The vibrator with the cute little bunny ears and dildo for dual stimulation! I’m saying, there’s a new toy out there that does that but comes with 100x more pleasure! (drooling).

Introducing, The Enigma by Lelo

I was recommended by a trusted couple source of mine whom I cannot mention. You know who you are.

The smiles and glow the couple had on their face when they were telling me about this was a done deal.

I had to get it. There I was, a lucky Millennial with the answers to everything in the palm of her hands. It didn’t take long for my excitement to end when I first saw the price. The price was $189! I couldn’t believe it. My pockets started to burn. Ofcourse the very best toy is the most expensive toy. At the time, my most expensive toy was $50 and I loved it. But $189!!??? The things I can get with $189!! Then, I started to think about the glow and smiles. I needed that energy in my life. I pulled out my credit card and bought it. I’m a boujie girl and anything that screams BOUJIE, I want it.

I finally got it in the mail and it is just as sexy as it looks online. I got it in black.

I felt rich just holding it in my hand.

LELO calls it a “luxurious dual sonic massager designed to tittilate both the entire clitoris- the visible and the invisible parts- and G-spot” I just came typing that out because it does exactly that. What’s great about this is the sonic waves are strong enough to touch all of your clitoris and everything around it so that it doesn’t miss any parts capable of pleasure.

I wasn’t always a fan of inserting things in my pussy. I preferred REAL dick and a toy for my clit. It wasn’t until this toy where I was begging for something in me. The flexible hand on this toy is perfect for hitting the G-spot. For the longest, I didn’t think I could ever hit my G-spot and feel pleasure (while masturbating alone at least. ). When I tell you the arm is dripping when it comes out of me, it is dripping!!! DRIP DRIP!!!! The arm is the perfect size. You won’t be intimidated by it unlike other toys. I love the material! The silicone is so soft so it feels great on the skin. The material still looks brand new even after several uses.

The Enigma comes with 8 different pulses. Unlike many vibrators and clit massagers I own, all the pulses are all pleasurable. There are some vibrators out there with crazy pulses that I find hard for anyone find pleasure from. Do you like one those crazy pulses or are you like me who like the steady pulse? I like the highest vibration level but this toy is so strong I could only take so much. The Enigma is also waterproof and rechargeable! I believe all LELO toys have the same charger cord which makes that convenient.

I love using toys with my partner and I find this toy is easier to use when you’re in doggy style doing anal. I’ve tried it vaginally when both dick and the toy was in me and I found it a little uncomfortable but I had to try it! What’s great about this toy is that you have no idea where it is going to take you.

The name ENIGMA is perfect for this toy because even the most experienced toy users will be surprised with the pleasure they feel. This toy uses LELO’s patented SenSonic Technology so you know this is the real deal. I love this toy so much. I’m so glad I was thinking about myself when I purchased it. I had no idea that this was something that I needed in my life. I say try to save up for it if it’s a little much. It will be worth it!! Let me know if you end up getting it. I’d love to hear about your experience.

TIP: When you’re using the toy, try edging. It’s when you’re on the brink of cumming and you release the suction on your clit before you cum. Try using this with the enigma. You can either pull the clit pulse away or lower the level to the lowest. Enjoy 😉

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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