What I’ve Done for the Dick

Sometimes all we need is a GOOD dick down to get our mood right and we don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to get this. This is what a Fuck- Buddy is for.

We’ve all been there where we had a fuck-buddy and we thought we had feelings for them and then realized it was just their dick mesmerizing us. Let’s face it, It’s hard to come across good, hot, nasty sex especially if we’re not in a relationship. When you’re looking for one, it seems like all hook ups suck. It’s an endless pit of men who don’t understand your body. It’s frustrating and can result in you abusing your vibrator.

It’s not until you’ve hit the jackpot and you’ve found someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship and just wants to fuck the shit out of you. It’s hard to let go of good dick when you’ve got it which is why we’ll do the craziest things for it. Remember back in 2017 when celebrities and people were making raps about what they’d do for the dick?

Check out my rap on What I’ve Done For the Dick

I was actually very proud of my rap that I came up with.

“What have I done for the Dick?

I drove 10 miles for the Dick,

I skip red lights for the Dick,

get caught for the Dick,

Po po, I’m just trying to get some Dickkkk”

I have the craziest stories from when I was dick crazy. I was wasting money for the dick, I was leaving functions early for the dick, I was calling out of work for the dick. I almost have done it all. While I can sit here and regret all of the things I’ve done, I just laugh. I laugh about how young and carefree I was to live in those moments. Sometimes I even wish I can bring some of those crazy traits back. I miss crazy Theresa.

They were some of my favorite and worst moments of my life. It’s probably why I’m in therapy now. With that being said, it was part of my life and I learned so much from it. I’ve learned to raise my standards and respect myself more. I would never go through the things I’ve gone through in the past again. I also have the best boyfriend now in which I can do all the nasty things with… But, I digress.

Here are three moments during my HOE life when I thought “Wow, I’m really here just for dick. “

I used a used towel for the Dick

During my hoe days, I used to hook up with starving artists which meant that they were barely making rent with their 500 side hustles. I’m not knocking them, it’s just part of the hustle, which I respect!

What I don’t respect is a grown man having only one towel to share. I don’t care what situation you are in, if you are a grown man, please own at least 3-4 towels. What happens when you have to wash the dirty towel? Are you going to wait until the towel is washed to take a shower?

Unfortunately, the dick was so good and I was the one who had to use the wet towel. After a SWEATY NASTY SEX session, I couldn’t wait to take a nice cool shower. When it was my turn to shower, I asked where my towel was. He said it was the only towel he had because the other one was dirty.

I ended up having to dry myself with a wet towel he used to dry his 5’10 body off. If only the session ended with us knocking out and me racing to the shower first in the morning. URGH!

LESSON: At the time, I thought it was okay since he wasn’t my boyfriend. I had no intentions of having a long term relationship with him, but NO. I no longer will do this for anyone. If you don’t have a towel for me especially if you knew I was coming over, it’s done. I don’t care how good the dick is, I’m too grown to be using wet towels. I’ll wait until you find time to wash your towels for me to come over.

I slept on an Air Mattress for the Dick

When hooking up with someone, sometimes the reason for it can be more than one. In this case, it was for dick and a place to sleep. No shame! I lived far and if I was going to sleep with someone it was going to be with someone familiar. This might have been my ultimate low when I found myself in the middle of the night on the floor because the air mattress had deflated on my side. 1. I was sleeping on an air mattress. Again, a grown man. I have much higher standards now and will only sleep with someone who has a minimum of a Queen size bed and has a bed frame. 2. There was a hole in the air mattress. This was clearly not new news for him since this is what he sleeps on. I wish I was warned before this happened or at least be told to sleep on the side that didn’t have the hole in it! I can’t believe I slept on a deflated air mattress. The dick wasn’t even that good!

LESSON: It’s not worth sleeping on an air mattress. Save your money to get you LYFTS back home.

I drove miles for the Dick

When I had my own car, I was driving everywhere and that included going back and forth for dick even if that meant driving miles for it. I had this one fuck buddy who lived about 40 minutes away driving and almost 2 hrs to get there with public transportation. This dick was so good that I was using up m savings just to see him.

LESSON: Don’t spend all your money on someone who wants to see you. Ask them to contribute especially if you’re the one making the trip. Also, if he’s your dealer and you’re fucking him and you’re still not getting a discount, shieeettttt leave his ASS NOW!!

I’m a HOE advocate which means I support women who sleep with people for pleasure.

They don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship as long as there’s consent and it was their choice from the beginning. We shouldn’t be shamed for something men have been doing this entire time. Live your life the way you want to. Just remember what you are worth and never let anyone take that away from you no matter how good the dick is!

What was the most you’ve done for the Dick? Comment below

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