How to introduce Anal Play with your straight boyfriend

I think we’re getting somewhere with butt play with women. I see a lot more posts and articles talking abut anal sex. Which yes!! I love anal sex (when done right) and I want EVERY BODY to enjoy it. That includes straight men, too!

As a former dominatrix, I saw plenty of men, particularly straight men getting pegged and loving it! Pegging for those of you who don’t know, is usually a “woman to man” act when a woman wears a strap-on with a dildo and penetrates a man anally.

After this experience, It made me wonder how many other straight men would enjoy it if they just gave it a chance.

Pegging seems like an advanced sport especially if your man has never tried any type of butt play in the past. So it’s best to start slow.

Unfortunately, men have this idea that any type of butt play is considered “gay.” What makes someone gay is not the type of sex they’re having but with who they’re having it with. If you’re doing things with your partner who is a woman, then it’s just you having sex with your woman. Once men can get through that in their head then it’s time for the convincing and steps to get him to try it.

(I’ll be using anal sex and anal play interchangeably)

Remember, just like anal play, you can’t force it. Be patient and it will come!

How to Approach

  • Approaching your man to do anal play can go in all types of directions. He can be super down to try it, he could be offended by it, or he could be curious and want to hear more. Whatever the response, it’s important that you make him feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with you. Let him know that he’s in a safe space and that whatever you guys do in the bedroom is your business.
  • When approaching the topic to your man, come at it with an enthusiastic attitude. Let him know how much it would turn you on if you were to play with his booty hole. He might even want to try it just by how turned on you are.
  • Let him know all of the facts about anal play. Let him know that his booty hole (inside and around) is filled with tons of nerve endings that can be pleasurable.

First time trying anal play

After you’ve convinced him to bring anal play to the bedroom, it’s time to get to work.

  • If it’s his first time, most likely telling him to bend over will feel uncomfortable for him. Instead, have him lay on his back. Start with a sensual blowjob then make your way down to his booty hole with your tongue. While you lick, try to jerk his dick off at the same time. When you’re down there, try to give his booty hole a bad make out session. Think about that time when you made out with someone and all they did was poke their tongue in your mouth like a dagger. Do that along with long lick strokes. This will get him used to the sensation around his booty hole.
  • If he likes the licking, great! Now, you can add some fingers. Before inserting your fingers in his booty hole, make sure your hands are clean. You’ll also want to make sure to have lots of lube near by. Think about your first time doing anal play, treat him the way you’d like to be treated.
  • For anyone’s first time, it can be nerve wrecking and that is the opposite of how you want him to feel.You want him to be relaxed as possible so that when you try to get your fingers in there it’s less painful. Do some breathing exercises together beforehand to get him relaxed.

Whether you’re the one playing with a booty hole or you’re the one whos booty hole is being played with, adding anal play is a great way for you to add some kink in the bedroom if you’re looking to spice things up.Think of exploring anal play with your partner as something that’s part of exploring your sexuality. You’re on a journey to figuring out what feels good to you and what turns you on. If this doesn’t work for you then you’ve just discovered something new which is the whole point of trying! So, go for it!

Stay Sexy & Curious!

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