Random Facts About the Founder

Founder of Sexish, Theresa Maloco
Founder of Sexish

With Sexish, I want everyone reading to learn something new about themselves. Whether that be they’re curious to try something new, they relate to something, or they discover something they don’t like. Whatever it is, I want you to know that you’re not alone on your sexual journey and you are normal for feeling whatever you are feeling.

I love talking about my sexuality because I feel the more we talk about our experiences the closer we are to having good sex. To make you feel more comfortable with sharing things with me and to your friends, here are random sexual and non sexual things about me!

Remember this is a judge-free zone!

  1. I love to rollerblade.
  2. I enjoy degrading sex. Call me your little cum slut.
  3. I love male attention unless I’m in a room where I’m alone then I don’t feel safe.
  4. I like using sex toys instead of my hands to masturbate.
  5. I only date older men. I love learning from their experiences. It feels like I’m cheating life.
  6. I make out with the hottest girl closet to me when I’m drunk.
  7. I recently stopped smoking weed because it was worsening my anxiety.
  8. I love doing stand-up comedy because I get to talk about sex and be the pervert I am.
  9. I’m a switch. I can be dominant and submissive but I prefer to be submissive.
  10. I like to do my makeup like a pornstar before filming anything in bed.
  11. I prefer to get a brazillian wax instead of shaving. WAX over Sugaring all day. No one tells you how painful sugaring is.
  12. I love romantic comedy movies. I live my life like one.
  13. Fuckbuddy over hookups.
  14. I crochet sexy outfits. Ask me to crochet you something.
  15. I want to be the face of sex for the Asian community.
  16. I have a sexy ass boyfriend who loves how sexy I am.
  17. My dream is to have people come to me when they have questions about sex.
  18. I went to fashion school.
  19. I love self-help books.
  20. I’m so hard on myself when it comes to my work. It’s terrible and I’m working on it.
  21. Therapy has taught me so much about myself and is the reason for my growth.
  22. I love big booties. I can be on Instagram all day scrolling through big butts. I’ve been obsessed with booties since I was in 8th grade.
  23. I love watching scary movies only if I’m watching it with someone else. I can’t watch them alone.
  24. I’m currently trying to make blogging a full-time job.
  25. I sniff my boyfriends hands/body to show how much I love him.
  26. I want to be the sexiest person but I hide it sometimes because I’m scared of what my family will say. I need to remember that this is my story, not theirs.
  27. Google is my GOD. I use it to answer all my questions. “Will I die because a jar of coconut oil fell on my head?”
  28. I’m such a Millennial. I have no patience. I feel I should be rewarded immediately when I do something. I know that’s not how life works. I have to trust the journey.
  29. The word “fart” is funny to me.
  30. I’m working on being more positive. I realized I learned some toxic behaviors from my family.
  31. I love Hamilton the musical, actually I love all musicals! I will jam to it out loud in the car. I don’t care who sees it.
  32. I’ve dated people in the film industry.
  33. I’m normally a social butterfly but after covid I have social anxiety. I’m working on it ASAP.
  34. I was a Dominatrix.
  35. I rather have 1-2 closest friends than a large group of friends.
  36. Every time I pass by a mirror I have to check myself out.
  37. I love working out and taking care of my body. My body is my temple.
  38. I love to eat. I can eat as much at my 6’4 boyfriend.
  39. I eat rice with every meal.
  40. I love sex toys.
  41. I love to masturbate.
  42. I’m proud to be filipino.
  43. I love the beach.
  44. I can’t wait to be rich and wear the craziest outfits.
  45. I love having a partner with the same sexual level as me.
  46. I love older men.
  47. I fart in bed sometimes.
  48. I was a wrestler in highschool.
  49. I carry around lactaid pills because I’m lactose intolerant but I love dairy!
  50. I love whiskey.

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